20 Best FireStick Apps (2019)


Firestick apps are the latest addition to entertainment gadgets which ensures your undisturbed enjoyment of a movie or show watching. Almost any and every kind of show is available on your gadgets via firesticks. There are numerous apps available in the library, so you should choose wisely from the range.

We have here tried to handpick a few best of the lot firesticks app which you may like, and which may help you to decide the right app for your binge-watching session.


Top brand in Firestick

The top name should be of Amazon. They have brought the firestick to revolutionize the experience of TV watching. You can watch not only the regular TV shows but the Amazon Prime Show and Netflix as well. Also, you will be able to see other programmes of your choice by using this firestick. In fact, there are quite a few firesticks available with Amazon.  Not all of them are as unique and efficient, as it can be seen that some products from a reputed brand are mostly decorative and not so much functional.

Their working ability should be compared and we have done the research to inform you about the best and most utilized firesticks available from Amazon range.

  1. Express VPN

When you are concerned about the security of content that you are watching, you will look for Express VPN firestick.  VPN or virtual private network is a system that enables you to watch content which is not legal or available in your country. Through this stick you can change your server location which will hide your identity and thus Government or ISPs will not be able to find you watching shows from the restricted countries. This app is quite easy to use and you can install it on your TV within minutes. It can search for the best server location all by itself so it will take care of network speed as well.

  1. Kodi

Kodi is becoming popular due to its superbly simple interface and the easy downloading option to Amazon fire stick without any added cost. This open source application has quite a long list of features, some of them are –

  • Party song list can be pre-organized
  • Unlimited TV shows
  • HD movies
  • Sharing your photos to any digital platform
  • Run a slideshow of them,
  • TV show recording etc.
  • If you are using Kodi then PVR add-on is required along with a VPN.
  1. Cinema APK

This is a free app with unlimited movies in its library. The continuous update of its content is great news for all the movie lovers. You can use it for firesticks and enjoy the lightweight app which is thoroughly controlled by the firestick remote. Download Official Cinema APK from here: https://cinemahdapkapp.com/

  1. CyberFlix TV

This is again another free app which has come out after the Terrarium TV has shut down. This is a clone app and thus looks very similar to the Terrarium TV. Its contents are mostly movies and TV shows which was earlier hosted by Terrarium TV. This app provides HD streams to the Real-Debrid account holders.

  1. Titanium TV

This is another replica of Terrarium TV which contains the nearest look and feel of the dead app. The content list is quite large and this app provides a high definition view. It also can be viewed by the Real Debdrid users and it is compatible with FireStick, Fire Stick 4K and some other Firestick apps. Download Official Titanium TV App from here: https://titaniumtv-app.com/

  1. Stremio

This is a simple streaming tool with a user-friendly interface and is supported by a wide range of devices. The add-ons are regularly stored by this app and thus they are not locally stored using up your device storage. You can access those add ons from any device you log in to the same account of Stremio. There are some official as well as third party add ons which you can choose from the list of add on section.

  1. Plex

This is a media management app which lets your computer become a media hub from where you can access all the local and online media. It runs a Plex server on your computer and thus you can download any movies and shows online and watch them. Also, you can play them on your Firestick without bothering about sharing the wi-fi.  This is a free app.

  1. Netflix

Undoubtedly, it is the most popular and widely used app and considered one of the best apps for firestick. You can get this app from the Amazon app store and keep watching classics, TV shows or any and every other kind of movies and programmes. It is a paid app.

  1. Morph TV

It came to the scenario when Morpheus TV was slowing down. Thus quite visibly this app is a clone of that online streaming app. It enables you to see the movies and shows present in the Morpheus TV library as well as updated content which the software developers are regularly adding to this firestick app. Download Official Morph TV App from here: https://morphtv.net/

  1. Mediabox HD

The uniqueness of Mediabox app is that its handpicked programmes which have been chosen healthily and keeping the HD video quality intact with Real Debrid account integration. They offer Trakt sign in through you will be able to access your playlist through several apps.

  1. Bee TV

This app provides a huge range of contents and those are sourced from various channels of the internet. They do not have any original content, but they offer HD quality movie watching experience thanks to the Real Debrid integration.Download Official BeeTV App from here: https://beetvapk.org/

  1. TV Zion

This free streaming app has one click play which lets you watch the best streaming link along with automatic audio play. This app can be fully controlled by the firestick remote and provides instant streaming.

  1. Tea TV

The movie stocks are great and it is a free app with a simple interface, practically these are the USP of Tea TV. It is quite an old app and still holding its ground, not for no reason. It sometimes crashes and thus did not catch the limelight like its other contemporaries.

  1. Crackle

This free firestick app needs you to register and you are good to enjoy all the movies, TV shows of Amazon fire sticks. It has parental control which ensures that your kids do not get to watch the adult content which is easily available on the internet.

  1. Pluto TV

It is another free firestick app which ensures free live tv watching experience on firestick. There are more than a hundred live channels on offer. They add a new movie every week which is great news for the hungry movie lovers.

  1. Crunchyroll

This paid app lets you watch the Japanese animation shows along with a few other Asian shows. There is a 14-day free trial version, after which you have to pay for the premium subscription. There is a good solution for those who do not know the language and yet are interested in watching these programmes. There is a unique system of translation before the programme is broadcast so you can enjoy the channel smoothly.

  1. OneBox HD

This is a free third party app for firestick. Earlier it was not firestick remote compatible but the latest version offers that feature. Its library is quite large and streaming likes are of the best quality.

  1. Live Lounge

This app provides you access to both the live TV streaming and online content. Not only movies, this app stocks sports, news and IPTV programmes as well. Some users complain that a few links of this app do not work, but that can be counted as a minor glitch.

  1. Sling TV

This paid app is for Live TV viewers residing in the USA, though the users can access this app through VPN all the time. A good internet connection and a nominal monthly subscription fee will allow you unlimited watch of this app.

  1. Modbro

This is a free firestick app for sports lovers all over the world. This app is available only in its official site or else you can download it with Kodi. After installation, this app searches the net to find the latest videos and send it to your Fire TV. It has a premium version which does not allow ads to run within the programme.



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