Amazon Fire TV vs. Fire Stick


Many individuals get confused when it comes in picking between the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick. If you seem to be confusing to choose between two this article will assist you with knowing everything about this Fire TV and Fire Stick.

Amazon Fire Stick vs. Fire TV

As they both are great yet there is the contrast between them and the first thing is the cost. Here are the details of Fire TV and Fire Stick which is offered by Amazon.

The vast majority of us get a kick out of the chance to watch films or any programs in the best picture quality and that is the reason we purchase update our TVs and get top quality TV. In this case, this two have good quality there is no such issue till now with respect to this goals quality. The Fire Stick have 4k even the Fire TV has 4k to stream any show, videos, or movies. What’s more, this is the high resolution until now.

Let’s say you have a TV set which has 1080p resolution then 1st generation Fire Stick will be the best option for you. As there is a lot of new TV sets in 4k UHD in this Fire TV 3 and Fire Stick 4k will get along nicely.

  • Storage & Memory

When it comes in memory then Fire Stick and Fire TV have 8 GB for storing. If you’re looking for streaming videos, films, and movies in your gadget then both are ideal. If you wish to get a powerful gadget, Fire TV 3 will be the great one for you it is as fast as the contrast with the Fire TV 4k UHD. But it does not mean the Fire Stick is slow maybe you see less you will simply observe less buffering and slack on the Fire TV 3.

  • Design & Exteriors

Fire TV is a bit bigger in size as compare to the Fire Stick whereas Firestick is easier to handle and carry. Over here when it comes in Fire TV and Fire Stick size is the main factor this both need to plug or hang in the HDMI port of the TV. Though Fire TV will be quite bigger in size than the Fire Stick and also it gives a good performance and has high resolution. So you can choose for yourself a Fire TV.

  • Alexa Integration

Almost all the Fire TV has direct access to Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa. To both of them you can give commands and with the Alexa’s you will come to know about the weather to smart home integration. If you’re like operating your gadgets with Alexa then Fire TV Cube will be ideal for you. It has the built-in Alexa speaker which can be controlled via remote.

  • Gaming

Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick have the same operating system. But the Fire Stick is noticed that less powerful than the Fire TV. Because of which it doesn’t support most of the games.


As both have a reasonable price and its popular device in this era and if you like to see for a lower price there are good benefits as well. If you like to save some money then you can always go for FireStick. And if you like to play games then you can get Tire TV 3rd generation will be perfect for you. This article is completely on the Fire Stick vs. Fire TV. We have made this list so that you can see the difference between the two and choose the best one for yourself so hope this article will helpful for you all. If you have any queries regarding this article then please feel free to ask in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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