Best Alexa Commnds



Best Alexa Commands

We are listing down the best Alexa Commands for you

  • Play Songs

Alexa for playing a song is an easy thing to do whether you are using a third-party streaming service like Spotify or Amazon Music. By using your voice, you can play songs on Alexa. It accepts commands like Alexa, plays or inserts song name or Alexa plays a song on Spotify”. And you can even give commands for specific playlists like Alexa, play Jazz playlist on Spotify.

  • Check What Song is playing

If you don’t know what song is playing on a Spotify playlist, then you can ask the Echo which song is playing on it like Alexa, what song is this?

  • Increase Volume

Say, Alexa, increase the volume or Alexa, higher volume, Alexa, sound.

  • Decrease Volume

Say, Alexa, decrease the volume, it will decrease the volume automatically.

  • Set Volume to a Particular Value

Sometimes you don’t want to decrease or increase a song but, you might want to increase the volume to a particular value. By using the given command, you don’t have to repeat multiple times. In such a situation you can say, Alexa, volume 5 to set to 50% of the maximum value. A value between 0-10 commands will go from 0% to 100%.

  • Ask about countries and lakes

Ask Alexa anything about any countries Amazon Echo and Echo dot speakers, can draw extensive web searches and navigate to sites such as Wikipedia. You can ask any topics and relate to the question it will give accurate answers. Let’s take an example of metric conversions, space facts, hidden sea mysteries or history and many more.

  • Ask about books, authors

Someone might like reading and would be curious to know the science fiction books author then Alexa is your partner. You can give a command Alexa, who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey?

  • Ask about Mountain, ocean

Many of you remember Mt. Everest the highest peak on the planet but, Alexa knows more than anyone else so if you like to test its knowledge credentials by asking questions such as what is the second highest mountain peak in the world and similarly ask Alexa, how wide is the Grand Canyon?

  • Now directly look up Wikipedia information

You can even hop on to the Wikipedia page to know about the business tycoon or company by giving asking Alexa and then it will show you an extensive history of the city’s past, its population and much more.

  • Know more about your favourite shows/movies

If you are a die-hard fan of movies character and sitcom then, ask Alexa who is playing a role of Kal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

  • Reorder Products

Alexa is now cinching in many things like shopping, placing orders, cancelling orders or reordering Prime items from the e-commerce sites. So interestingly, Alexa remembers users recent purchases thus you can say Alexa, reorder shoes, it will understand the specific brand of shoes and what size is suitable for you.

  • Order a new product

Say as Alexa, order shoes it will suggest a list of probable shoes to purchase and sends more search results on your phone.

  • Add items to your shopping list, groceries

If you don’t want to miss out your shopping list ask Alexa to read your shopping list to make sure you don’t miss out anything.

  • Check shopping list by Alexa

When your shopping is complete and to ensure you didn’t miss out on anything say, Alexa, read my shopping list.

  • Translate

Say, Alexa, open Translated and ask how you say.

  • Play a song based on lyrics

If you are sure of the band 1990s but you hardly remember lyrics ask Alexa, play the song that goes then, Alexa will reply Bohemian Rhapsody by the Queen.

  • Calculate distance

Now you can plan a day for travelling by asking Alexa how far is Chandigarh then Alexa will use GPS to calculate a distance.

  • Weather

Rather than using a phone for checking the weather ask Alexa what the weather is going to be like this afternoon sitting in your living room.

  • Wind chill

Say, Alexa what the wind is chill.

  • Dollars and cents

You can ask Alexa and understand a range of mathematical questions by asking Alexa, how much is $725 minus $48.34? Or what are 324 miles in kilometres?

  • Drive time

While driving you can ask Alexa how long it will take to reach home then Alexa will let you know. By giving an exact location, or street address, Alexa will know your location.

  • Store hours

You can ask Alexa the opening and closing time of stores such as Home Depot, Walmart.

  • Sunrise and sunset

Now, travelling won’t be inconvenient ask Alexa on Melbourne sunset.

  • Order a pizza

By giving the command to Alexa open Domino’s and places an order.

  • For a Pizza Hut Fan

Say to Alexa, Pizza Hut to place an order.

  • Ask for recipes

By asking Alexa, how do you make a fish curry?

  • Control Fire TV

On Fire TV give a command to Alexa play, pause, resume, fast-forward, rewind, and stop.

  • Search movies show on Fire TV

Say, Alexa, search for a movie on Fire TV or Alexa, find TV show name on Fire TV.

  • Pause or resume an audiobook

Give a command to Alexa pause or Alexa, resume.

  • Skim through chapters in an audiobook

Give a command to Alexa, go to chapter no 12.

  • For calling another user

Say, Alexa, call Ram.

  • Answer a phone call

Say, Alexa, answer the call.

  • End a call

You can give a command to Alexa, end the call or Alexa, and hang up.

  • Send text messages

Say Alexa, a message to ram or Alexa, send it to Shaym.

  • Read Messages

Give a command to Alexa, play messages.

  • Check Notifications

Say, Alexa, what did I miss.

  • Latest English Premier League standing

Say, Alexa, what are the EPL standings.

  • Results of a match

Give a command to Alexa, give me my sports update.

  • Who won late last night’s match?

Say, Alexa did the Argentina team wins.

  • The results of a game

You can ask Alexa, what the score of yesterday’s match was.

  • Movies by an actor

Say, Alexa, show me titles with Ansel Elgort on Fire TV.

  • Open an app

You can open an app on Fire TV by saying Alexa, launch TubeMate on FireTV.

  • Switch to PlayStation

Say, Alexa, switch to PlayStation on Fire TV.

  • Celebrate someone’s birthday

Play a happy birthday song by giving the command “Alexa, sing happy birthday.

  • Figure out spellings

Say, Alexa, how do you spell Macaroni?

  • Set an Alarm

Say, Alexa, set the alarm for 6 AM.

  • Set a timer

Say, Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes.

  • Know the current time

Say, Alexa, tell me the time.

  • Cancel the timer

Say, Alexa, cancel my timer.

  • The time left for the next alarm

Say, Alexa, how much time is left for my next alarm.

  • Seek Definitions

Say, Alexa, what’s the definition of a fjord.

  • Alexa for Greetings

Once you say, Alexa, I’m home it will be customized.

  • Simple Math

Say, Alexa, what’s 5 plus 3 or what are 5 times 3. It helps by solving simple mathematical problems.

  • Find and connect smart home devices

Say, Alexa, discover my devices then it will find all the compatible smart home devices.

  • Control Locks

Say, Alexa, open the lock of the front door then it will do it.

Those are the best Alexa Commands you need to know. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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