Best Ares Wizard Alternatives 2019


If you’re a Kodi Users then, you guys have come to know that Ares Wizard is cut off, but you guys don’t have to worry about it because I have come up with the great alternatives of Ares Wizard. So keep reading the article!

Ares Wizard Alternatives 2019


What is Ares Wizard?

Ares Wizard is a multi-tool that helps Kodi users take care of maintenance, settings configurations, bulk file removal, and new add-on installations. It has tons of useful utilities in a single resource and some automation features which clean and speeds up Kodi without their intervention.

Since the Ares Wizard shut down recently and Ares Repository is taking offline delivery mechanisms within Kodi that enable access are using and manipulation of its add-ons. So there are legal repositories, and some of the third-party repositories like Ares Wizard are not necessarily legal in providing content.

First You Need to Get a VPN

Before we begin, you must get a VPN on your system, VPN is a Virtual Private Network that has two different benefits which are necessary for cord cutters and streamers alike.

So firstly, VPNs create a virtual tunnel between the device and the content you are accessing, while accessing a sports event with a Kodi add-on, you need to pay exorbitant PPV rates, but with VPN you won’t get in trouble as the ISP will not come to know what users are viewing and not anyone else.

Secondly, bypassing geoblocking user can mask the connection as if you are in a completely different country. Thus, IPVanish is the best that is for streaming content; it has servers all around the world which lets users bypass geotargeting. Now, let’s see the alternative of Ares Wizard 2019 down below!

Best Ares Wizard Alternatives

Fusion – Indigo Installer

Fusion – Indigo Installer is a wizard rather than an alternative to Ares Wizard that lets to configure Kodi software to the best settings, add-ons, factory restore, backup and much more. So this might be the one that you have been searching for.


SuperRepoKodi repositories serve as the best alternative so that Kodi users get the latest add-ons. It also provides bundles that support multiple languages and offers compatible add-ons filtering. SuperRepoKodi has access to 3,000 add-ons through which users can watch TV shows, movies, live channels, sports, news and much more.

Wookie Wizard

Wookie Wizard is the classic wizard that has tons of community builds, add-ons, tools, and much more.

Noobs and Nerds

Noobs and Nerds is the another best alternative of Ares Wizard that gives users access to popular add-ons such as MetalliQ, Zen, Bob, SportsDevil launcher. Users can watch a variety of movies, TV shows with a convenience, so this is an all-in-one repository will definitely meet your expectations. Take a look at the installation guide down below!

  • First, launch Kodi and press Setting then File Manager.
  • Now, you have to press on the Add Source and None.
  • After that, you have to type this URL then press on done.
  • You have to enter a name for the media Source, and type NAN and press the OK.
  • Now, you have to go back to the Home Screen and press Add-Ons.
  • After that, press Install from the zip file and press NAN then press noobsandnerds Repo (x.x).zip.
  • You have to wait for Add-on enabled notification and press install from Repository then press noobsandnerds Repository.
  • After that, press Video add-ons and Elysium then install and wait until you see Elysium Add-on installed message.
  • By now Elysium will be installed successfully!

Cazwall Repo

Cazwall Repo is another best that you can find for Ares Wizard.


If you’re a sports lover then, SportsDevil repository as the best alternative for providing the sports multiple sports channels available throughout the world streaming variety of sports in your device. Sports lovers will love watching these channels Sky Sports, BT Sports, NFL Network, Box Nation, BeIN Sports and much more. Moreover, SportsDevil repository is mainly for sports lovers all around the globe.

In conclusion

So this was the best alternatives of the Ares Wizards of 2019 I want you guys to try them and see it. I hope that you will find the article helpful and informative. Thanks for reading it and have a great day!



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