15 Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Every Kodi User Should Know


Are you using a remote control to stream your favourite TV Shows, Movies, Music via Kodi? Perhaps you don’t want to buy a Bluetooth device and looking for a convenient way to control Kodi via a keyboard. Once it is connected with keyboard how to navigate efficiently?

Kodi Keyboard shortcuts

As we know, Kodi is a groundbreaking app open source media player. It supports a majority of devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry pi, 70 languages and massive library for Kodi addon movie lover, sports, live TV.

So here are the 15 best Kodi keyboard shortcuts.

15 Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Shortcut Key (: \)– To Toggle between Full-screen and Windowed Mode
  • Stop Shortcut Key (X)– By pressing the X key, you can stop a video.
  • Rewind Shortcut Key (R)– Press R to go back to the particular scene of a movie or video by pressing once, it will rewind at 2x pace. Pressing twice will go at 4x pace and left arrow to rewind the video 30 seconds.
  • Toggle Subtitles On/Off Shortcut Key (T)– Use the T key for turning on the subtitle for video, movie but make sure subtitles setting configured.
  • Previous Menu or Home Screen Shortcut Key (Esc)– By pressing the key ESC you can go back to your home screen, you don’t have to click multiple times. By default, Kodi has a full-screen mode by using this keyboard shortcut you can toggle from the full-screen window with ease. It allows user can access other apps, software simultaneously using Kodi.
  • Audio delay control Shortcut Key (A)– Some of the audio and video doesn’t sync well by using this keyboard you can adjust the audio delay and syncs along with a video.
  • Fast forward Shortcut Key (F)– While watching any video, if you want to skip some part then press F. Pressing for once, it will fast forward at 2x pace. Pressing twice will go at 4x pace. And right arrow to forward the video 30 seconds.
  • Play Shortcut Key (P)– By pressing key P, you can start a video.
  • Take A Screenshot Shortcut Key (Ctrl + S or Prt Sc)– By pressing the Key Ctrl + S or Prt Sc, you can take a screenshot a dialog box will appear for asking the location to save. And also by pressing the PrtSc key, a screenshot is saved to the clipboard, you can retrieve by opening ‘Paint’ and pressing ‘Ctrl+V.
  • Volume Down, Volume Up or Mute Shortcut Key (minus), + Plus– By pressing – key decrease a volume video and to increase a volume press + key.
  • Manipulate Your Kodi Display– You can adjust Kodi displays on your media by following the keyboard controls help.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

  • If you’re using Kodi on a Mac, some of the shortcut keys may not work. If this is the case, these Mac-only Kodi shortcuts will help.\
  • Cmd + Q — to quit out from Kodi.
  • Cmd + H / Cmd + M — To hide, minimizefrom Kodi to the OS X dock.
  • Cmd + F — to toggle fullscreen view.
  • Cmd + S — to take a screenshot.

You should be aware of the alphabetical order.

  • B —schedule recordings in live TV.
  • E —opening the EPG (electronic program guide).
  • H — For Live TV channels window.
  • J —opening Live radio channels window.
  • K —opening Live TV recordings window.
  • 0 (zero) key – To toggle the last two viewed live TV channel.
  • I – To view information on the selected TV show.
  • Arrow keys- To browse the channels Up and Down moves up and down through the channel list.
  • Left and Right – Jumps between channel groups.

Shortcuts to View Pictures

Kodi default is probably for watching live TV or recorded/streamed video files.

  • +/- — for picture viewing mode, the volume controls become zoom controls, with + zooming in and – zooming out.
  • 1–9 — from keys 1 to 9, you can zoom in and out of images, 9 is the greatest degree.
  • Period and comma — by using the period and comma keys you can browse back and forth through the images.


So this was the best Kodi keyboard shortcuts I hope you will like this article. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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