The 6 Best Kodi Linux Distros


Linux Distribution or Linux Distros is an operating system that is a collection of software based on Linux kernel. This is a software management system. Downloading any of Linux Distros users can use Linux any of the operating systems.

Kodi and Linux Distros –

Kodi can be used on any Linux Distros by downloading Kodi Media Center on Linux Distros.

6 Best Kodi Linux Distros

Here we are suggesting some of the best Linux Distros use Kodi –

1. LibreElec


  • This is the very obvious choice for Kodi as This Linux distro specially designed for Kodi media center.
  • This Distros supports many different devices and get updates automatically.  You will find shortcuts for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • It has an inbuilt migration tool which helps to migrate to the latest version of LibreELEC. You can enable samba and SSH very easily during the setup.



  • OSMC provides an experience like using apps on android, ios and any video streaming devices like Amazon Firestick.
  • This well supports First-generation apple tv. Easy to use and elegant.

3. Xbian


  • This Distro supports Raspberry Pi 1,2 and 3 and you can use it on a different operating system like traditional Linux, window, and Mac.
  • It comes with the back-up features that users can the setup wizard used previously.
  • It uses Debian which makes possible to load into the other system with the use of package manager.

4. OpenElec


  • This is the original version of LibreELEC but doesn’t have features like automatically update and many device support.
  • Both OpenElec and LibreELEC are not so different as the function are concerned. Those who can’t use LibreELEC then OpenElec is the best option for them.

5. RecalboxOS


  • This not an operating system like other Distros this is mainly for video games. it centers old video games on the Raspberry Pis.
  • Users can play all video games by managing their media files. With support from add-ons, it allows users to use the latest versions of it.

6. GeeXboX


  • This is a Linux HTPC operating system that uses the Kodi media center as a primary user interface.
  • Users can configure remote control, Internet connectivity, sound card, etc. During its setup process.



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