Best Kodi Skins for Kodi


Do you want to changes how your Kodi looks? Perhaps looking for a new look, colour and changing themes for Kodi? As we all know that Kodi is arguably the powerful home theatre app and this article I have the list of Best and fast Kodi skin for Kodi for each of your device. First, what is Kodi skin? And we will go straight to the list.

Kodi Skin

Kodi Skin changes colours, themes, a position of the menu. It will give Kodi new look colours and a tremendous amount of customizable options.

Best Kodi Skins

Best Kodi Skins for Kodi

  • Pellucid

Pellucid is straightforward and elegant Kodi Skin, posters located at the bottom of the screen and fade with an animation on the Kodi home menu. If any case you use Kodi for watching the IPTV Kodi channels I recommend you to try this Skin. Unfortunately for Kodi Jarvis user, Pellucid is not available. It is only available for Kodi Krypton.

  • Omni

Omni Kodi Skin looks similar to the Mimic Kodi Skin, but it doesn’t have any customized settings like Mimic. The main menu and submenu of the Omni Skin are accessible by any Window. Likewise, to its name, the feature is hidden behind its name.

  • Unity

Unity is somewhat similar to the Confluence Kodi skin, but its interface media is not the same. Unity Skin has horizontal menus amazingly movie poster appears on the home screen. If you are one of those who likes to have a decent skin then, it is highly recommended for you. Skin improves and brings the spark on an interface.

  • Confluence

Confluence is the default skin for numerous releases of Kodi. You can install this skin and restore the appearance of your Kodi with ease. Confluence theme is on visually heavy elements with tons of shiny UI and plenty of gradients. Confluence is the one for modern and minimalistic skins with a vertical menu and -categories displayed to navigate the app will be easy. Moreover, it uses metadata on movies, TV shows, and other content.

  • Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox offers a wide range of customizing settings like colours, skin theme, and fonts. Most of the Kodi users find appealing to change the main menu. Aeon Nox is the best skin for experienced and new Kodi users.

  • Black Glass Nova

The Kodi skin Black Glass Nova has a glass window which looks similar to Windows Vista. In this Kodi Skin, you will get two modes first one is BlackGlass Mode when you turn on theme turn into black and the second mode is Black glass Nova mode by which titles becomes smaller.

  • Box

Box Skin provides a wide range of various customizable main menu, sub-menus, and more different widgets for selection. Furthermore, it changes the colour accents of the Kodi Skins that make a theme to be more attractive. It supports many devices with an advance Kodi Skin.

  • GRID

It is one of the fast developing skins with an active team. Gird is brand new Kodi Skin with the exciting feature works on the latest pre-release version of Kodi 18. The main menu is on the horizontal transparent column on the left side of the screen as you scroll down you will see beautiful visuals in the background. In a category, lists enter TV shows you will get a horizontal list of titles along with the episodes you didn’t watch. You can change the main menu into vertical as well. A grid has a high level of customization by which it is popular you can create something unique.

  • Amber

Beside from Kodi’s Estuary skin, by offering the high levels of customization Amber is the popular one. Amber Skin has a horizontal menu with the main categories, by scrolling down you see high-resolution images in the background. Once you get on the movies category, you will horizontal row with movie posters. In Amber, users can customize almost everything this why it is worth to mention on the list. If you don’t like the horizontal menu, you can change into vertical by doing so it will automatically employ grids of artwork and movie posters so you can see more at once.

  • Mimic

By creating on the principles of flat design Mimic Skin is built. You won’t find shiny buttons. Mimic comes in colour is blue with different hues, change the default colour, adjust Mimic’s appearance to the sense of aesthetics. Customization is an aspect of this skin and numerous options for review and adjusting. Furthermore, skin can display movie posters in different ways and has display option called ‘Wall’ for favourite choice and covers of your music, videos, and TV shows will be in a stack.


Now you have a list of best Kodi Skin choose anyone from the list on your device and make your skin colourful by bringing a spark on your home screen. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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