5 Best Music Kodi Add-ons | List to Enjoy Unlimited Songs


Kodi is one of the best software for online streaming that can be installed and used on almost every device on various platforms. It’s great to stream videos such as television shows, sports and films. It is also best rated in music streaming and is the best in the platform for video streaming. For Kodi, there are several best music add-ons available to help stream world-class music. Although there are different music add-ons for Kodi, you should be aware of the best choice for your taste.

The Kodi addition can be considered a small application that extends the core software functionality. In Kodi, you can essentially install thousands of additionals that transform this media centre software into an online streaming beast.


Kodi lists add-ons through its official repository, but thousands more are available on the Internet via different sources. Some of Kodi’s most popular supplements have free movies, TV shows, live TV streams, live sports, and pay per view events. These add-ons are designed to browse the Internet and use your Kodi to search for free media content.

Best Kodi Music Add-ons

Kodi add-ons are always modified, updated and created. So make sure you often search for any particular type of add-on on your device you want. For any platform which can host the Kodi programme, add-ons are available. Kodi add-ons are normally in the form of a.zip and can be installed easily with the add-ons in the settings tab of Kodi.

Music Box

Music Box is a wonderful addition to your media player, which you can use with Kodi to play music. It is mentioned first in this paper because of its countless playlist and music collections. Some of the popular Music Box add-on playlists features billboard lists, popular music from VK.com and many more. Although this add-on is totally free, you need to login to use this add-on. You can eradicate this by changing the XBMC media sources if you don’t want to sign up.


KINKIN has brought you, people, this marvellous music add-on. It’s another beautiful and best addition to music as if you were adding the Music Box we mentioned above. There are a number of popular and interesting music contents, such as Google Play Music, Spotify and iTunes. You can upload the music content to your device’s storage memory with this add-on. In a folder, you can add the favourite playlists. The best part of Kodi’s MP3 streams is the mixing of different tracks for different entertainment purposes.


It’s one of Kodi’s fine and free music add ons. The name is also the first add-on to introduce social media to stations. This add-on requires you to register free of charge to access this add-on. This add-on allows you to surf from the top hundred for your favourite songs and also search for songs of all kinds. You can also filter your search by specifying the artists themselves. Sign up to the Jango website to sync all your history and songs with your Kodi add-on. It also includes a mobile app to play your favourite music on your phones.

House Mixes

This is another great addition to music that can entertain you most when you incorporate it to your Kodi. You can use this add-on with Kodi to access a huge collection of content on the homeemixes.com website. Of course, for interrupted access to the world of music, you have to register for a website. This add-on has different tabs, such as recent, popular mixes and trends. This addition can be used from the repository of Metal Kettles and you can browse for any song you like and want. This includes tracks, latest tracks, popular mixes and genre-specific mixes.

Rave Player

Rave player is particularly well-organized in the way that it gives the playlists, i.e. the playlist collection in this music add-on has been divided into different sections namely mixtapes, oldskool rave tapes and oldskool pirate radio sets. It has Bangin-rave tunes, besides this divided feature. Bangin rave tunes can be used for entertainment purposes by different popular DJ sets. You also have the opportunity to watch videos while you listen to the audio in Podcast. In Rave Player, there are more playlist sections, including the jungle and the drums, oldskool radio, hardcore and many others.



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