Best Skins for Kodi 18/18.1 Leia(Updated)


This article will be providing you with a continually updated list that has the Best Kodi Skins. Kodi is an Open Source Media platform which has tons of Settings for users. By selecting a Skin inside Kodi, you will be having a sleek-looking interface which is pleasing to the eye.

When you will be opening Kodi you will notice the default look that the application has. This is the boundary or the “Skin” that the Kodi provides. However, what the Kodi users don’t know is that we cannot change or edit this screen.

There is a number of options when it comes to a Kodi Skin and when we need to choose the best. It is based completely on individual preferences. The following guide will help you in making your Skin collection a little easier with an up-to-date list which has the Best Kodi Skins.

Best Kodi Skins

After you have installed Kodi on your favourite device, a default Skin will be already set up inside the app. This defaulting Kodi skin is the Estuary Skin and it is very popular. However, with some clicks, you can easily change this to something that is very different.

To change your Kodi skin, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1. Firstly you need to Open Kodi.
Step 2. Then you need to click on the Settings icon.
Step 3. Next, go the Interface Settings.
Step 4. Choose Skin > Skin.
Step 5. Next, click on it so that you get to know more  Step 6. Select your desired Kodi skin.
Step 7. When provoked, click on Yes if you would want to keep changes.

Best Kodi Skins Available

1. Confluence

The Confluence Skin has an easy-to-use menu bar which is great for the browsing categories. It can be used in tons of Kodi Builds that include the Xanax Build that is one of the most popular available today.

2. Aeon Nox

The Aeon Nox Skin is one more extremely popular Kodi skin because of the simplicity and the futuristic feel. This skin can be used in plenty of Kodi Builds which has the very popular No Limits Magic Build. If you are installing the Aeon Nox Skin, you need to make sure to allow enough time for sub-menu items to build as this skin is bigger in size.

3. (fuse) neue

When you have installed it on your Kodi device, you will notice one key disparity. The menu of this skin will be shown at the top of the screen and it will be only featuring four categories. These will be including Videos, Music, Add-Ons, and the Settings menu. It is the best skin for Kodi users who are new.

4. Chroma

Chroma is a Kodi Skin that is intended specifically for those who are using the application on an Ultra HD Television Set. It has high definition images and fonts, it works great on new 4K TV’s and also more. For those who are not using Kodi on an HD television, I would not recommend the Chroma skin.

5. Amber

The Amber Skin is good for those who would want to tailor their home screen. With Amber, you can also change the main menu to explain any pictures you wish by simply uploading them on your device. Users can also correct the Settings tabs to show horizontally or vertically, along with other new and awesome features.

6. Mimic

Mimic is a skin which is clean-looking Skin that is similar to the original Estuary Skin. You can change the Skin’s fonts, background and many more. Since it is so light in size, Mimic will work great on all the streaming devices, especially the Amazon Fire TV and Firestick that are the most popular media players which available.

7. Estouchy

The Estouchy Kodi Skin is being built for those who are running the software on a touchscreen device. The look of the Skin is a copy of the Estuary, but, it functions in a dissimilar manner. If you use Kodi on an iPhone or iPad or other devices, Estouchy is the best skin for you.

8. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is other High Definition Skin which similar to the Chroma. But, it will be working great on all TVs and devices. This skin has a number of options which will make your Kodi experience the best one. Users can also hide movies that they have seen, upload their personal photos, and many more.

9. Adonic

If you love movies and TV shows then the Adonic Skin is the perfect preference for you. When suspended over a title, you will be given details including year, rating, duration, cast, and even more. It is having a unique look different than other Skins that emblems for each category instead of text.

10. Pellucid

Simplicity is a great way to describe the Pellucid Kodi Skin. An enormously clean boundary with a high-quality background makes Pellucid one of the best choices as a skin. Categories are described in the middle of the screen with short settings logos on the bottom that makes for an extremely efficient layout.

11. Bello 7

This newest account of Bello Kodi skin is a great example of plainness and functionality. Users love the purple interface and the organized add-ons help to make it easy to search for movies, music, images and other content. The oversized red cursor and menu icons also are very good for those who prefer emphasized visuals. Users can also alter the content easily by typing in words related to title and the explanation or they can look into categories such as Most Popular, and the Latest Movies and Box Office Films.

12. BOX

Many Kodi users favour the system’s skin to be fewer complicated, more organized and very customizable. This is exactly what the BOX will offer, as a combination of older versions of Kodi skins. Its main menu is considered depending on the movies, TV shows and music – with the large space on the screen to give a crisp, sharp look.

Customization is also a very important feature of this Kodi skin. For example, you can allow visualization, play video in the background, hide touch controls and modify the theme colour on the background. Also see how to fix issue like kodi no sound

The TV shows, music and the movies sections are having different displays. Music content can be separated according to playlists, sources, files and the add-ons. For TV shows, they can be arranged according to genre, actors, studios, titles, release date and the tags.


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