Best VPN for Kodi (2019) for Private Streaming


While we use any of the streaming application or programs we require a VPN so that our security is protected and we have the best privacy policy. The VPN that we will be talking about and discussing will not slow the speed of our application but will increase the quality of your streaming.

We will also be discussing which VPN you should use for which application and also for which devices.

The bond that we will be mentioned will help you enjoy your Kodi streaming experience and make it safe for you. We will not be discussing the VPNs that do not protect your privacy and which are not suitable for your device.


Some of the VPNs that we will be discussing are:


  • The VPN called IPVanish is the perfect choice for you.
  • This is the best VPN for the users of Kodi who want a lightweight, fast and remote friendly solution for their device.
  • It has a very strong and secure network and it has the easiest set-up for your device.
  • Also, the money will be refunded in 7 working days if you are not satisfied with the quality and working of the VPN.


  • This VPN is very common for Kodi users. It will bring you the best content for streaming on Kodi.
  • Also, privacy and security are the most trusted factors of this VPN service.


  • The cyber ghost is a very money friendly choice for you. It will unblock the popular content for you and stream it on Kodi.
  • This VPN service may require some manual work.


  • This category of VPN service is mostly preferred for its fast service.
  • This network of VPN will bring you the content with Kodi and will maintain the security and privacy up to the mark.


  • This category of VPN is also fast in streaming content and also secure to a great level.
  • The number of servers of this VPN is increasing with time.

Private Internet Access:

  • This VPN service has a very strong network of security and privacy for your Kodi content.
  • This is also friendly in use with the Linux users.
  • There is a huge number of VPN services but we have shortened our list of VPN. We will only be discussing the best of the services


The VPNs that we will be using have the following features:

  • Firstly they have good compatibility with the Kodi devices and users.
  • Second is that they have excellent ease that you require for the setup of the VPN service. You will not find great difficulty in setting up this service.
  • The third feature is that every Kodi user would want us to have a secure and private environment of content.
  • The last feature of these VPN services is they have great speed.

Now let us proceed to discuss some of the most used VPN services that you would love to use with Kodi.

These VPN services will increase your streaming experience and will also maintain your privacy and security.

IP Vanish

  • The IP Vanish is the best recommended for the Kodi applications of android devices which include your amazon fire TV.
  • This application will help you to download the application files from the official website directly and install it on your device. You do not need to visit the play store or app store for this purpose this can be done directly also.
  • You need the configuration for this VPN to be manual. The application VPN is listed on the fire TV. The Fire TV can be used easily with a remote and it helps you to connect to any server easily and without any difficulty.
  • The Linux users can also use the VPN easily. Just, in this case, they need a manual optimisation and configuration.
  • There are a number of servers for every VPN. For this VPN you have servers up to the range of 1000.  These servers are connected through distant and vast locations.
  • The security policy of this VPN is also excellent.
  • The benefits and the drawbacks of this VPN are listed below. Do have a look at these.


  • This VPN is best suited for devices that use Kodi.
  • This can be installed directly and does not require any Google store or app store for this purpose.
  • This can also be customised with fire TV.
  • The speed of this VPN is excellent and will bring to you the best of the content without blocking.
  • There are more than 1000 servers that you can connect to.


It does not have ease for payment.

Express VPN

  • Express VPN is a very good choice for all the Kodi users who want great speed and good service.
  • For the Linux users also the VPN is suitable but it is not tested
  • You cannot directly download this VPN you need Google Play Store for this. The method for loading will be sideloading.



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