cCloud Kodi Add-on Installation Guide and Review (2019)


Kodi and Live TV is somewhat a hit-and-miss kind of thing however is improving constantly. cCloud is one such add-on that has improved incredibly over the past years with numerous great Live TV streams.

It has numerous classifications including All Channels, English, Top 10, Sports, News, Documentary, Entertainment, Family and substantially more.

cCloud Kodi Add-on..


But before getting you to the installation procedure of cCloud Kodi add-on most important thing we have to note that always use a Good VPN before using any third-party Kodi add-on.

Using a decent VPN with Kodi is constantly suggested for protection of privacy and security. Here are the reasons that you should think about taking VPN before using Kodi.

  1. Using ILLEGAL Kodi Add-ons are Dangerous without a VPN: Most of the Kodi users are installing the ILLEGAL Kodi add-ons on their system to get to all the most recent movies, pictures, TV series, sports, music, and substantially more for FREE, than a legal Kodi add-on where it has minimal content in it. Be that as it may, guess what? The video content on unlawful add ons is pirated and copyrighted material. In the event that you are getting to them on Kodi, at that point, your practice will be checked by your ISP by following your IP and gives all the data to the government or organizations on the off chance that they demand it. This will arrive for you in a tough situation. To avoid this, you should associate with a VPN where it shrouds your identity by pivoting your IP address while streaming Kodi content. This is the manner by which you will be safe from the intrusive eyes.
  2. Bypass Geo-Restriction: As you presumably know, some authority add-ons like BBC iPlayer, NBC Sports, Hulu, IceFilms have geo-area limitations. This likewise applies to different addons like Acestream which gets the information from deluges. To unblock these confinements, you should DEFINITELY use a VPN regardless no matter what.

What is cCloud Add-on and its Features

cCloud is a Kodi addon that gives you a chance to watch live TV on all the Kodi compatible devices. At first, when line cutting was just somewhat more than an idea and had seen little application, we were wary about it. We loved the customary method for watching the TV – sitting on the lounge chair, throwing our legs over the table and most likely eating popcorn. Be that as it may, as online live TV streaming began to turn out to be more standard, we understood that we needed to break out of our case of predispositions and see the entire thing in another point of view. We assumed that live TV over the web does not just deliver traditional satellite TV content in high quality but it is likewise generously more cost-beneficial also.

While there are a couple of live TV services that need you to pay a month to month membership to watch your preferred channels and shows on the web, cCloud Kodi addon is absolutely free. You don’t have to enrol or be a member. All you got the opportunity to do is install cCloud on Kodi using the simple procedure we will tell you and you are done. cCloud has several categories and a wide variety of channels to look over. Regardless of whether you need to sit in front of the TV on Android mobiles while in a hurry or on TV with streaming gadgets like FireStick, cCloud Kodi addon is the correct option for you. This addon additionally has some on-request content, however, that may not necessarily be its solid suit. It is principally a live TV add-on.

Features of cCloud Add-on

The cCloud TV Addon is extraordinary compared to other IPTV add-ons that have an accumulation of probably the best UK and US TV stations. We should investigate the fundamental substance classifications.

  • Announcements/Read Me/Server Status: The initial three choices enable you to check what’s happening. We suggest checking the status of various servers to check whether you can expect any issues with streaming TV channels.
  • All Channels: As its name says, this is the place you can plunge into an unending pool of streaming links. At the moment there are in excess of 2,000 links. Not every one of them works, however, the majority part of the links plays with no issues.
  • FilmON: This is an ongoing recent addition to cCloud that gives you a chance to watch Film-ON motion pictures and TV channels. As a rule, these titles originate from smaller production studios, so you won’t be able to discover blockbuster hits here.
  • English: Since most of Kodi users are searching for TV channels from the USA and UK, this is a simple method to perceive what’s on offer.
  • Top 10: Needless to state, this is the place you can see 10 of the most well-known popular streams.
  • Different Categories: Next couple of categories are really special categories, for example, documentaries, entertainment, motion pictures, music, etc. Dependent upon what sort of TV channel you need to watch, use one of the present classifications on the primary menu.
  • On-Demand Movies/Shows: Streaming TV channels means getting to its live stream. You don’t get the chance to pick which TV show to watch – as you can expect, we’re certain. In this way, if you find that you need to stream a particular title and watch, use these two categories
  • 24/7 Channels: This is one more recently featured highlight. Generally, it fills in as a combination of live streaming and on-demand. You pick a TV show to watch and afterwards you tap into that live stream.
  • Radio: cCloud TV Kodi add-on additionally gives you a chance to tune in to radio stations. There is an extremely pleasant choice here, offering radio stations from all around the globe.
  • Non-English/International: The last alternative is about non-English TV channels. In case you’re trying to search for local TV stations, this is a decent spot to begin.

How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi

Follow these steps to install cCloud TV Kodi Addon-

Step-1: Go to Kodi Settings

Of course, by default, Kodi developers disabled the alternative to install any outsider third-party add-on. So as to install any Kodi addon, you have to enable the “Unknown Source” choice. Never matter, on which device your Kodi is installed. It is possible that you using Kodi on Android, Windows, Linux, Firestick, Android Box, iOS, Raspberry Pi or some other gadget. The Kodi UI is actually the equivalent for all.

Step-2: Go to System Settings

You’ll discover the option to enable “Unknown Source” inside the System>Add-ons>Unknown Sources.

Step-3: Choose Add-ons

From the left side navigation tab, pick Add-ons choice option.

Step-4: Select Unknown Sources

Move your mouse right-side and select Unknown Sources choice to enable it. A notification window will pop up on your screen. Simply overlook it and press “YES”.

Step-5: Select Yes

As I mentioned above about in the above step, a Warning window will pop up on your devices screen. Here you have to choose the “Yes” option to enable Unknown Sources on your Kodi device.

Step-6: Go to File Manager

Go one step back and select File Manager option icon. Here we will give the download address of repository file document.

Step-7: Select Add Source

In this way, here we’ll embed the repository address. Select “Add source” option.

Step-8: Select <None>

Here you need to choose the way of Kodi repository. Select “<None>” option and enter the repository address.

Step-9: Enter store address

cClould Kodi addon is accessible on Kodil repository. Enter the repository address and select “ok”.

Step-10: Enter the repository name

Here Kodi is requesting that you have to enter the repository name. Simply type “Kodil Repo” inside the box and press “ok”.

Step-11: Select OK

Step-12: Go to Add-ons

When you entered the repository name and address, return to Kodi home. Here you need to choose the “Add ons” choices.

Step-13: Select Package installer

In this step, we have to select the package installer option to install a repository on Kodi.

Step-14: Select Install from zip file

Step-15: Select Kodi Repo folder

Step-16: Select Repository file

Here you can see a zip package which is available. Select and inside a couple of minutes, you’ll get a notice that Kodil repository installed.

Step-17: Select Install from the repository

Step-18: Select Kodil repository

Step-19: Select Video add ons

Step-20: Select cCloud TV

Here you can discover cCloud TV in the add on the list of Kodil repository. Select the file to install it on Kodi device.

Step-21: Select Install

Step-22: Select OK

A few extra add ons will be installed on your Kodi device. These add ons and contents are called Kodi dependencies. Select OK to install them.

Step-23: Open cCloud TV

Now come back to your Kodi add on the list and you’ll see cCloud TV in your list. Launch cCloud TV Kodi add on to enjoy streaming IPTV channels on your Kodi device.

cCloud Kodi Troubleshooting Help

Installing add on is not only option to enjoy hassle-free streaming of content but there is a number of troubleshoot we have to face in order to do so, in this list we will help to solve troubleshoot we face while using cCloud Kodi add on.

a) Kodi cCloud Installation Failed

In the event that you have issues downloading and installing the cCloud Kodi add on, it most like implies that the repository is broke or down for maintenance. When you go to install a Kodi add on, it recovers an add on zip from a web address. In that process the repository is down, the “installation failed” Kodi error is a typical message pop-up.

One answer for this issue is to ensure that you can get to the repository address on the web. Take the HTTP address of the add on and attempt to get to it from your phone or PC. If in that case, it is unaccessible, there is nothing you can do until it is back as it were.

Also, ensure that you are just installing Kodi addons from their unique repository.

b) Kodi cCloud Error Check Log

Now and then you may get a message instructing you to check your Kodi error log. In this case, you will see this error generally while streaming video, it simply means that your cache is full. There is a  chance that this shows up while attempting to explore menus in the X Kodi add on, it implies that the link you are attempting to access doesn’t exist any longer. On the other way that you are attempting to begin a stream from the add on, select another stream.

c) Step by step instructions to Fix cCloud Kodi No Stream Available

In case that you see the error “no stream available” in Kodi while using this addon, it implies that the add on was not able to recover results for your query. Kodi add ons are just web search tools into the open web and don’t have any content of their own.

When you select a title or stream in Kodi, it looks the web for media streams coordinating the title you’ve select. In the case that it can’t discover anything, you get the “No stream available” error. Probably, you should attempt an alternative add on or select progressively mainstream content that is bound to be accessible.

d) Method to Fix cCloud Kodi Script Failed

The Kodi script failed error happens when you add on neglects to execute its capacity in a legitimate way. The most likely reason for this error is on the grounds that you are running an old or obsolete form of Kodi. The add on is attempting to utilize a reliance or content more current than what is installed on your device and is giving you an error.

Continuously look to upgrade Kodi to its most recent variant to boost functionalities with your Kodi add ons.

e) Instructions to Fix Kodi cCloud Download is Stuck

When introducing X Kodi add on, your installation may not have proceeded further past 0%. There are two fundamental driver reasons for this:

  1. You are using an old variant of add on or of Kodi that can’t be able to read the installation file
  2. You have properly connected with the installation server, yet it isn’t returning file or is timing out your request. If in any case, these 2 errors happen, reattempt to install it once more.

The facts show that there are many live TV add ons for Kodi. In any case, we have additionally seen that most add ons don’t have brilliant high-quality streams. Likewise, whatever streams they have for the most part don’t work. After we have utilized cCloud Kodi live TV add-on for some time, we think we are in the situation to vouch for its unwavering quality content and streaming solidness.

This add on might not have all the mainstream channels you might want to watch, however the greater part of the channels it hosts work. We wouldn’t deny that we would have been more joyful on the off chance that they had some superior channels also. However, we accept that Kodi cCloud add on is outstanding amongst other accessible choices present in recent time.



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