Chromecast to Multiple Devices


The Google Chromecast is an entertainment tool but for some users, maybe the business tool where you can Chromecast to multiple devices. If you’re searching for ways to stream on multiple Chrome cast then, you are in the right place. Over here I have mentioned several ways for streaming on multiple ways on Chrome cast so let’s go straight to the guide.


Chromecast to Multiple Devices

  • You must set up a user on the Chrome Browser depending on the number of chrome cast for doing so click the settings button in the top right corner on the Chrome browser. On the Chromecast, you want to add three-person then name it as Chromecast 1, Chromecast 2, Chromecast 3. It will work on any other computer running Chrome.
  • Now you need to open separate Chrome windows make sure you don’t open the taps as this is for multiple Chromecast so open windows for each Chromecast. If you don’t know how to do this then right click on the Chrome Browser icon on your desktop and choose New Window.
  • Then you will see on the top right of the Chrome Browser windows, from where you can switch between the persons and who you set up in step number so, you have to choose a different person for each window.
  • After that, you have to go to each window then open the Google Slides, video or anything you want to cast to Chrome cast make sure you are doing on each window.
  • So now you have to go into each window on the top right browser bar click on the Chromecast tab and select a different Chromecast for each window by doing so, you will be able to Chromecast to multiple devices by using a single PC. It works in any situation for casting on Google Slides or Web site for multiple displays without using any computers only thing is that your source will be coming three different windows. If you want to sync with another one then, it might work as well.

Guide to Cast Multiple TVs Using Chromecast

Casting to 2 TVs

  • First, you have to install the Google Cast extension.
  • After the installation of Google Cast, you need to install the Google Cast (beta) extension.
  • Once installation of both extensions, at the top right of the browser you will see two cast buttons.
  • Open the web page that you would like to cast likewise choose TV.
  • Now open a new tab or window to cast your second TV.
  • Go to the web page you would like to cast and click on the other cast button then you will able to choose your other TV to cast to.

Casting To More Than 2 TVs

  • On the browser click on the account you’re logged in to Chrome and click on switch person.
  • On your window, it will popup Add person click on it
  • Then you will be prompt to login in another Google account and, if you don’t have the second email address then, you can create another Google account.
  • After that, you will see 2nd Chrome window along with the name of the second Google account.
  • So now on the new window with the second Google account, you can install the Google Cast extension.
  • Again on the new window with the second Google account, you can install the Google Cast (beta) extension.
  • By now you can cast 4 TVs using the two cast buttons in the first Chrome window, and then two cast buttons in the second Chrome window.

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