DigiBox Kodi addon Installation guide


If you are an avid movie watcher then you may have already tried a few of Kodi addons which lets you watch movies and shows from any channels and any countries. We will be discussing in the same line as we will here inform you about this new addon, namely Digibox Kodi addon. This is not a unique addon. It lets you watch all the news and the updates and the documentaries apart from the movies and shos. This one is available in the Digital Repository.

The simple database includes 5 categories which offer Movies, TV shows, New Shows, Newest releases (for the RD only) and Documentaries. This one add-on also lets you search from the archive the movie or programme that you wish to see. The settings also can be programmed or customized. The search and settings options were not available in the earlier version but these two are a new addition for the users. You can also view Trakt and updates from this addon as these categories have been added in here.

Why it is special

  • Digibox is one of the most popular Kodi addons and it enables you to see the best collection of movies as well as TV shows. This one comes with a large video library and thus it is more suitable for movie lovers.
  • This addon does not only come with 5 main categories but also it has numerous subcategories under each main category. For example, if you are into movies category then inside it you will find other sub-categories like Newest Releases, Popular, Trending Movies, Oscar Winners, Top Rated, Upcoming Movies and so on. This addon helps you to enjoy movies on your Kodi Media Player.
  • The two special feature of Kodi addon, that we have already mentioned above contains other sub-options too. The settings option comes with Scrapper Settings, Clear Cache and so on. The Search feature allows you to search for movies and shows or news which is present in Digibox addon. A separate portion of Trakt account can also be handled from here.
  • This app can be downloaded from Digital repository and it has a simple easily understandable interface. You can navigate through this addon and search for your favourite content.

DigiBox Kodi addon Installation guide

Now we will discuss how you can download this addon on your device and install it.

  1. Start with the Kodi home page. Here you have to find the gear icon which is there for settings.

  1. Click on it and you will see a few options. Now you have to choose a file manager from the menu.

  1. Double click on the Add Source option from file manager. You will see the Add File Source dialogue box will open. You have to select <none> against that.

  1. Now the screen will show you a black space to put the pathname for the required repository. Carefully type http://xdigital.xyz/repo/ .

  1. If you have entered the path name correctly, click on OK.
  2. Now you have to put the name of the media source. You can put any name you wish and then click OK.

  1. When this process will be completed, navigate to the Kodi homepage and from here select the Add-ons.

  1. From here you can select Package Installer. This icon is present at the top left corner.

  1. Now choose the option Install from zip file.

  1. Now you will select the name that you have given to the media source earlier. This will be chosen for source.

  1. Next, you have to select the repository zip file which will have the name “repository.digital-0.0.5.zip”. After selecting it to wait for a few seconds. Meanwhile, the repository will be completely installed.

  1. Now a pop-up message will show you that the digital repo has been installed successfully.

  1. Now you have to select the option Install from repository.

  1. You will see a list of repositories now. Find the name of the media source and repo will be added with that name. Select it when you can see it.

  1. Now move to the Video add ons from the media source named the repository.

  1. You will find a list of add ons displayed on the screen. Select Digibox addon from here.

  1. Now select the install button and give it a minute to get installed.

  1. After the installation process is finished, a pop-up message will show you that the Digibox addon has been installed successfully on your device. This is ready to use now.

  1. Now click on the icon to open and enter the addon.

  1. Enjoy watching movies and programmes of your choice by selecting them from the categories and subcategories.

Reviews of Digibox add on:

The Digibox Kodi addon is a simple interface and it has five main categories under which you will find many more subcategories. The content list is huge and you can sufficiently enjoy the content without bothering about any restriction. This one works with Trakt and you can get some extra categories available on this addon. The latest news and updates will keep you informed about the world issues and you will be able to see what is happening in every corner of the world.

The latest movies will be present at your fingertips and you do not have to bother to visit movie halls. Just watch any movie of your choice from the list provided in the categories. If you are a lover of world movies then also you have plenty of options. You can check the Oscar-nominated movies if you are a serious movie buff. The amendable collection of movies is a great benefit of Digibox addon. Also, you do not have to miss the documentaries which often are made on serious issues of the world. They offer a new horizon to the mundane issues of world. All you can get on your android device with the simple installation of this Kodi addon.

The different categories of Kodi offer different genres of entertainment, and there is something for all.


In the movies category of Digibox addon, you will find classification of sub-categories. There are the Newest releases, trending movies, Oscar winners, top-rated, and upcoming movies. Also, you will find a few subcategories based upon the genres, years and actors as well. The newest releases always include some of the very recent releases and sometimes the movie is still showing in the theatres.

This addon helps you to see the movies that you have to go to the theatre to watch. Some very recent addition in the movie section is Spinning Man, The Rizen, The Butterfly Tree, True to Game and Beautiful Ones.  The genre section offers variety. You can watch movies that are action-based or the adventure movies. Also, you will find animation movies and crime, comedy fantasy along with family movies in the subcategories.

TV Shows:

In the section mentioned as TV shows, you will find numerous subcategories. The much popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory are all showcased here. You can watch the shows coming under sub-categories like Anticipated Shows, Newest, Popular Shows, Airing Today, Top Rated, On the Air, Genres and Networks. You can watch all these programmes without paying anything to the Dish TV Company or any cable operators. All you have to do is installing the addon and watch the shows of your choice at the comfort of home. Also, the list is updated often so you can see any new additions through this addon.


This is a pretty much useful feature for the Kodi addon users. This feature lets you search the contents and find the right content that you wish to see. The addon has numerous numbers of shows, films and other programmes. So it may take up minutes or more to search for the exact content that you wish to see. The search buttons let you see the programme or the show that you was planning to see on the weekend. This feature is a great aspect of this Kodi addon.


The settings options is a new feature available on Digibox Kodi addon. This helps you to go through three different sections. Those are General Settings, Scraper settings and Enter Own API’s. In the general setting you can get options for Language, Metadata, Movie Provider and more. The Scraper setting allows you to see the options like Clear Cache to delete the temporary files saved on your device.


The Digibox Kodi addon helps you to access the rich contents of a wide range. All the contents will be seen in high quality and high definition visuals. The features in the addon are necessary and this addon is built by keeping all the needs of a viewer in mind. The addon has an impressive and simple interface which helps you to navigate through it without difficulty. The separate categories for the documentaries offer excellent opportunity to showcase all the documentaries which are otherwise not available on any platform.

The Read Debrid category is also helpful. You can follow the simple method described above to download and install the Digibox Kodi addon on your device and watch the content of your choice. This addon is really helpful and we expect you will have a remarkable experience with this Kodi addon.



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