Download and Install Thoradia


Thoradia is a group of add-ons that consists of native addon for LibreELEC. This addon users complain that when then update LibreELEC, they need to reboot Kodi to get the latest version of Thoradia. Even sometimes the transmission could not be connected.

Download and Install Thoradia

How To Install Thoradia:

  • The Thoradia addon can be installed in zip file format from many sources available on the internet. There are various files available. You need to choose the correct file for the right LiberELEC version. 
  • While downloading the adequate zip file make sure about the location. It should be accessed by LiberELEC.
  • Now open the home page of Kodi and install the Thoradia addons repository with LiberELEC. You need to install the addon from the zip file you have downloaded earlier.
  • While you will try installing the addon, you need to allow the download from unknown sources from the security settings of your device. Without this step, your device will not have the access to the zip file. But while doing this, you will be allowing access to any personal data that is stored on the device. So do it at your own risk.
  • When the installation process will be completed, the Thoradia repository will be reconfigured. The addons which are corresponding to the repository can be used once the reconfiguration is done and they are released to LiberELEC.
  • Kodi needs to be restarted so the account of Kodi also gets reconfigured.
  • All the processes regarding the addons like install update or reinstall within the Thoradia repository along with the Kodi repository can be managed from now on.

The addon managing ability of the Kodi repository will help you to browse the sections like to see the installed or uninstalled, enabled and disabled addons, etc. Also, you can change the settings and enable or disable the auto-update. Viewing the notifications or ignoring them can also be managed by toggling the bar in the sub-menu. The job of the addon manager is to install the addons and configure them, and that will be done with the Thoradia repository.

The Issues:

The inconvenience caused in the repository can be resolved if the user, in time of updating LibreELEC also check updates available for the addon manager. As LibreELEC runs on various hardwares, not always those are suitable or enough spacious for Kodi. When the users try to put the Thoradia addons repository along with the Kodi repository, a space crunch happens. In that case, you should use an appropriate hard drive and also uninstall the repositories or addons that are keeping the space of the hard drive occupied.

You should also know which addons will allow you to run the Thoradia addons. For example, Raspberry pi 4 can work proficiently with Thoradia with 2 GB RAM.  The legality issue of the Thoradia addon and installation of the repository lies on the user.

The addon is operative when you use LibreELEC build system and run it with LiberELEC operating system. But there is no other relation of Thoradia with LiberELEC.  Some users have complained that when they tried to download Torrent, it is showing to be hardcoded. This can be a CoreELEC issue but the issue is yet to be solved by the developers.



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