How to Download Kodi on Nintendo Wii


Grown in the early years of the first decade of this century you would know the Wii. Wii is a gaming console device, introduced in 2006 by Nintendo a Japanese Company. This is a seventh-generation gaming console also known as Nintendo Wii, very many competitors of Xbox 360 from Microsoft and PlayStation 3 from Sony.

By the time it has come up with different features. Now it has an inbuilt internet and wi-fi connecter. Wii is not only the gaming console but it has become a full entertainment hub. You can now stream videos and online movies too.


Wii U is the latest version of Wii, which has more built-in power-full tools than Wii. It has a come-up touch screen and up to 2 GB RAM. Wii is pretty much like your smartphones with big-screen support.

But can you use your favorite videos and gaming app Kodi in it? Let see if we can.

Kodi on Nintendo Wii

For now, we can’t install Kodi on Wii, but we can use Kodi in Wii by following steps –

  • You will need any device with Kodi installed on it. Let take an Android device for a better experience.
  • Second, you will require the Wii with wifi connection supporter.

Connect Wii to wi-fi

We need to connect Wii or Wii-remote with the same wifi network in which our android device has connected –

  • Open your Wii device and click on the Wii button, lower left side from the home screen.
  • Select Wii settings from settings.
  • You will see a blue arrow in the right side click on that
  • Now select the Internet option.
  • Then select a connection setting.
  • Select None for Any Connection levelled
  • Select the wireless connection
  • Then search for available wi-fi connection.
  • You will see your wi-fi name click on that
  • Connect by entering the password and select OK.

Now your Wii device will be connected with the wifi.

Connect the Wii remote with the Android device:

  • Download the Wiimote controller app from google play store.
  • On the Bluetooth connectivity in your android device
  • Press button 1 and two in the Wii remote and tap the Init option in the mobile device at the same time.
  • After a few seconds, both; Wii remote and mobile devices will connect.
  • Now select wiicontrolerIME. You will see three options.
  • Again select wiicontrolerIME.
  • That is it. Are ready to control your android device with the Wii remote. Now you can run the Kodi app on your android device with the Wii remote.

Remember two things:

You can apply this process with both Wii devices; Wii u and Wii mini. The two key things you should follow,

  1. first connect your Wii device with the same wifi as your device in which you have your Kodi app and,
  2. connect Wii device with the other device with the Bluetooth connectivity.



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