Can’t Log into Hotel Wi-Fi? | Fix Captive Portal Problem


As we all know we have the number of streaming option while we are staying back home, but during out tours and travelling we usually stay back at hotels then we have very limited access to the streaming and hotels very hefty amount to watch our loved content. There is one option that we bring our small casting or TV device along with us but it doesn’t mean that it will work every time.

But Firestick, a web streaming device by Amazon has brought a new feature named Captive Portal access, it is the feature that can solve the problem and making your trip full of entertainment and enjoy the most-loved content without any further issue.

The feature which has been introduced by Amazon in there Firestick and Fire TV devices make your device to be easily connectable with your Hotels Wi-Fi or any kind or wired internet connection. This feature can also be used in places like College Hostels, Apartments and offices along with hotels.

How to Fix Captive Portal Problem

How to Fix Captive Portal Problem

There are some hotels which use a special kind of network known as Captive portal Wifi. It means that first, you have to complete 2 steps process for establishing connection i.e. first you have to connect to the respective SSID network then in second step there will be browser window that will Pop-up for submitting loin credentials, then you have to accept some of there conditions and enter the password provided by them for having a proper wifi connection.

A most important question regarding Firestick arises when you were not able to connect to the wifi network so in order to solve that issue we had given you complete method with proper step elaboration.

  • As first, you will see that your Firestick will not be able to login with your Hotels Wifi but it will say it is connected and a browser window will also pop-up with a login window. First thing you can do is to restart your device and update it to the latest software and forgetting the previously connected network.
  • Your device will automatically connect to the nearby wifi networks if they are open and while it will ask for the password for the secured one. For a password please ask the hotel management for providing it.
  • Then Go to the settings menu of your device and then select System and then select  Network.
  • This will show the list of networks available for connection, now choose the network you have to connect and enter the password that hotel management has given you.
  • After that connect to Wifi network.
  • Now after the connection is done go to the home screen.

Your Connection is established now you can enjoy the streaming content of your choice.

Now again in some cases, it has been reported that after the above steps home screen is not available on your device then you have to follow the instructions I am going to tell you beneath.

  • Again restart your device.
  • Then press and hold the select button and power button of your remote until its restarts.
  • And again try to perform the above method to establish your connection effectively.
  • The pop window of login credentials will show up for that but if somehow it doesn’t pop-ups then there are possibly 2 case scenarios.
  • a) Wait for some time may be your Hotel’s Wifi network is going through connection problem or being shut down for some time.
  • b) Or, the device is having some issue relating to the connection, in that case, there is no other option than having a replacement of your device.

I hope you liked our guide to how to connect to captive portal if it shows some sort of error, please feel free to review and and give us your valuable feedback and Enjoy endless and lovely entertainment through streaming content online of your choice while travelling anywhere around the world with this fantastic service provided by Amazon in its Firestick and Fire TV devices. And at last, I want to say that if the above-shown methods are helpful to you in any case scenarios please share it with friends and family and help them enjoy their trips.



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