Fix Authentication Error on Firestick


If you have a Firestick and after some time of uses you will found that Firestick is not able to connect to the network and for that, you had tried to reset your Firestick to solve this problem but it continuously showing Wi-Fi connection Authentication error. Here in this article, we will show you different methods to solve authentication error problem.

Fix Authentication Error Firestick

How to fix Authentication Error on Firestick

Network Authentication Error can happen to your Firestick due to a number of reasons. The most common thing behind it that Wifi router is showing some sort of problems which can be solved by simply refreshing your router. Another thing is that your Firestick has some driver issues do it firmware up-gradation and sometimes security issues and router blockage can also be the cause of this error.

There are various methods to solve this kind of error but we will show only 3 different methods to solve that error.

1. Reset the WiFi Network

If you have any kind of Wi-Fi connection error showing it is the simplest and basic method to fix it by resetting your network. As we know in this procedure we simply have to factory Data reset our network and reconnect it again. Simple steps for that:

  • First of all, you have to go open your Firestick UI. Simply go to settings then Wi-Fi and network option and then there you will get a list of networks your firestick ever been connected, go and click on the network you are connected at that time.

Select the network you wish to forget

  • When you open that network it will show various info about it and 2 options; Modify Network and Forget Network, simply click on “Forget“.

Click Forget

  • After the above step Go to your Wifi settings again and click over network SSID you wish to connect and provide a password and click Connect button to reconnect to the network.

Click Connect

2. Modify network connection

Somehow the above method didn’t work for you then you have to get into this one which is a little bit more complex than above one. In this method, you have to modify your Wi-Fi connection. You have to do some sort of modification in IP settings on your Device and change its network connecting module. Steps for that are:

  • As simple you have to go to your Wifi Settings same as of above method and while going through the above method you had encountered two options i.e. Modify Network and Forget Network, but the difference is that this time you have to click on “Modify Network Settings/Manage Network Settings“.

Manage Network Settings

  • It will some basic info about your connection simply click on “Show Advanced Option” for more access to settings.

Show Advanced Options

  • Click on the IP settings menu and change your DHCP to Static from dynamic this will let you have Static Network Connection.

Change DHCP to Static

  • After changing it to Static you will different menu related to IP address, gateway, DNS and more. Simply manually fill this menu and Save details you entered.


Now again try to connect to your network, I hope your problem will be solved this time.

3. Change Network Security Type

This the last method that we will tell you to solve error if above two won’t work. In this method, you simply have to change your network Security Type.

  • Same as Above 2 methods go to Wifi settings.
  • Now manually add network by typing its SSID name and Password but there is also the third field as Security, click on it.

Select Security

  • In this, you will list of security type, but you have to choose “WPA/WPA2-PSK” and then save the network.


At final, I can say that you Firestick Network Authentication problem is solved by now.

There are other methods like changing your firestick system settings and it is just as wiping out all your previous data of your device and again setting up your Firestick is as the new device like you had done during the time of its purchase in the first case. So please go and fix your authentication problem by using the methods shown above. I hope this article is beneficial for fixing your problem and feel free to give us your valuable feedback about it.



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