Fix Covenant Kodi Not Working And No Stream Available Error


The Kodi error of no stream really irritates a person, as when he wishes to relax and watch something interesting the problem arises. This destroys the interest of the person. If you are really bored and irritated of these issues then here is a list of steps you can follow that will solve your issues and bring interest back in your routine.

Firstly to solve your no streaming issue you would require a trusted and used VPN that would fix your issues regarding streaming. If you use a tested VPN service it will surely solve your issues and make your streaming better.

covenant not working issues

Before knowing how to solve these issues let us know how these issues are developed.

Why No Stream Error is Developed?

There are a number of reasons why these no streaming errors arise. It is very difficult to know a single reason for the cause because every add-on will work accordingly and in its own way. So, for every issue, there is a different method to solve the issue. The most common reason why this may have arisen is if the show or the movie you want to watch do not have source links.

It can also be because you might be using an add-on that is outdated and not updated recently. So, keeping aside the cause we need to find the solution to the issues.

We will be discussing the ways by which you can figure out how to solve your issues regarding no streaming. So in order to know go through the below article which will help you to know how to do the same and make your streaming of shows good in service again.

Ways to Fix Streaming Issues

There are two different issues. One is when your video starts buffering when you are watching it and the second is when it stops playing automatically. So to solve all sorts of issues below are some guides for different problems. Go through and solve them.

METHOD 1: You need to check if your add-on is outdated

In this method, we will check the update ability of the add-on.

So if anyone of you is using the add-on known Genesis then you should be aware that it was replaced long back with its update called Exodus. And if you are having an add-on named Exodus then you should know it has been replaced with Covenant long back. And if you are using the Covenant add-on then it is important for you to know that it has a number of updates since then.

The problem is that the add-ons are developed by the developers, they come in the market and they vanish after a time. It is true that you can still use the add-ons called Exodus or Covenant but they won’t work as they used to before.

Now it is important for you to know that if you are using any add on that has been outdated then to solve your issues regarding no stream available you need to have an updated version.

METHOD 2: You need to clear the cache

In this method, we will discuss clearing the cache in any particular add-on to fix your issues.

Every one of us might have encountered this issue once or a number of times when you want to play a certain content and there it is displayed no stream available. So in order to resolve this issue your task is to clear the cache in the add-on and the providers too.

You need to visit the maintenance Tools option in your add-on where you will find the Cache option. You need to tap on the Clear Cache option that will be helpful in solving your no stream issues. And if this also does not work then try for any of the other methods mentioned methods that might help you.

METHOD 3: Check internet speed

In this method, we will try to solve the no streaming issue by altering the speed of the internet. For streaming your shows perfectly you require a 10 Mbps signal at the least. But if you can have a 25-50 Mbps connection then it would stream better without any issues of buffering.

If you want to check your speed of internet then search for

Also if your speed is fast but your Wi-Fi is slow you need to have a Wi-Fi repeater that will make your streaming better.

METHOD 4: Changing default options

Another method that you can use to fix your no stream issue is to alter your default settings.

To alter these just follow certain steps. These would be:

  • Firstly open the add on that you are using.
  • In the add on you need to open the tools menu.
  • Here you need to choose the covenant.
  • After this go to clear providers.
  • Now click on yes.



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