How to Fix Failed to Install a Dependency Error in Kodi


Kodi is a powerful media player, which plays local media not only on your device but also transmits online content from all over the world. The third-party add-ons are what makes Kodi truly amazing. These add-ons collect your favourite content streams from different servers to make it possible to play them online. But, add ons do not work alone. The external services called “dependencies” are a major factor.

Far from all add-ons, the internet is scratched and streams are required. Most popular add-ons actually require several dependencies. The requested dependencies are installed when installing additional devices like Exodus Redux, MC 1080p, Yoda or other devices (if not already installed). However, if at least one dependence fails to install, Kodi displays the error,’ the dependency failed to install.’ You can not install the addon if the dependency fails to install.

I have found this error a number of times and after trying and testing different methods, some troubleshooting ideas were developed. Although the exact causes of the error are difficult to put the finger on, I am sure that one of the following remedies will work for you.

Method 1. Deleting the cache

It is a better alternative to deleting all the data as you don’t lose your existing add-ons and coding settings. The Kodi Cache clearing on the Kodi cache helps you to remedy the “failed to dependency install” error. Ares Wizard is the best way to clear the cache. Install it first if you haven’t already got Ares Wizard. ⠀

Step 1: Go forward now and get Ares Wizard up and running. The list of add-ons > program Add-ons can be found in Kodi Homescreen.

Step 2: Click the ‘Maintenance‘ button at the top when the wizard loads.

Failed to install dependency

Step 3: Next, in the right-hand cache section, you’ll see the message ‘Delete cache / Temp‘ when the cache is deleted.

kodi installation failed

Step 4: To proceed, click ‘OK.’

Failed to install dependency

As you can see, my system had only 1 MB of cache size. Because I’ve reinstalled Kodi recently and I don’t have any additional. The size of the cache will increase and the bigger the problem, the more difficult it can become. This is why cache removal could help you with ‘the dependency failed to install‘ error.

Method 2. Clear the Kodi data

Sometimes, it’s not enough to clear the cache. Many times “Dependence failure to install” is more stubborn and does not just remove the cache. The second option is to uninstall and refresh Kodi. The problem will be largely dealt with. You would, however, like to try to clear Kodi data instead before you do this. Data clearance will restore Kodi to the default factory and save you time. You can reset Kodi Data on this device from the Settings menu if the error message has not been installed on your FireStick dependency. Ares Wizard could also be used to clear data on all the devices supported by Kodi

Install Ares Wizard on Kodi, and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Run the wizard, click on the “More” tab in the top-right corner (left to Settings).

Failed to install dependency

Step 2: Now click “Erase all data/Fresh start” from a set of options for the next screen.

kodi dependencies not met

Step 3: Confirm your action by clicking on “Yes.”

kodi dependencies not met

Step 4: Next, choose if you would like to keep your favourites, sources, and add-on settings and click Proceed in order to continue.

the dependency on version could not be satisfied

Kodi will be fresh when the data is cleared. All add-ons including the Ares Wizard will be lost.

Method 3. Remove and Reinstate the Kodi Database

The Kodi’s Database holds a lot of things together in Kodi so that when it is corrupted, you start encountering errors that you had never seen previously, such as the one in question or say “Kodi installation fails.” The good thing is that you don’t use Kodi in the corrupt database. You see just a few mistakes. That’s why from within Kodi you can fix this. How can you delete the Kodi database and reinstate it?

Step 1: Go to the Kodi home-screen and click on the icon ‘Settings.’

 failed to install a dependency fire stick

Step 2: Next click the ‘File Manager‘.

kodi file manager

Step 3: Click on the next n the ‘Profile directory‘ window.

 failed to install a dependency fire stick

Step 4: Next Click Database.

install kodi dependencies

Step 5: Then click the ‘Add ons 25.DB‘ button and press the corresponding button and keys to open a popup menu (e.g., right click on Windows PC).

Click “Delete” on the pop-up.

failed to install dependency

Step 6: Confirm your action by clicking Yes.

failed to install dependency

Step 7: Close Kodi and relaunch after about one minute and confirm your action by clicking “Yes.” Try to reinstall the addon you tried to install earlier when you ran the “dependency failure” error.



  1. Getting an error that says “not a zip file” this is after step 19 before 20, (the restart never comes up)


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