How to Fix Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working


Having an Amazon fire stick means you are quite serious about your entertainment dose and need it to be quite a high definition. But what if you find that the remote is not working properly and after changing batteries a few times does not solve the problem?  You must feel frustrated and disturbed, and that is why this article.

Amazon Fire Tv Remote Not Working

Fix Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working Issues

  • Battery change

The commonest cause of non-working amazon fire tv stick remote is exhausted batteries, but not always are those exhausted. If you have changed them in recent past, then you can put those batteries in other devices, and chance is, you will see those devices working perfectly well. This is a typical scenario which will convince you that the power-hungry remote of firestick only prefers brand new battery.

The batteries will die down (only for the fire tv) sooner if you have more gadgets attached to your TV sets like a speaker, wi-fi router or AV.

If the out-of-the-pack batteries cannot make your fire stick remote work, then you may have faced some other kind of glitch.

  • Poor battery

Take the battery compartment out and check the connector of the battery compartment. It can happen that you may find a thin film of white dust around the connector. It happens due to the poor or cheap category of batteries. It gets leaked and leaves the battery acid on the connector, which eventually stops the flow of current and thus stopping the remote to work.

How to fix this issue

Take a flat head screwdriver and try to mildly scrap the connector, this way the chalky residue will get off. You need to scrap both ends of the connector and when you will see the shiny wire, you will understand that your job is done. Now fix everything like before and your remote will work fine.

  • Remote connection

You can check occasionally if your Firestick remote is connected with the tv or not by following the below procedure.

Check the settings of the fire tv box and then select the controller and Bluetooth devices. Then check the amazon fire tv remote. When the batteries of your fire tv remote are not that powerful, you may see the connected sign of fire tv remote fiddling.

  • Pair the firestick remote

This is a very simple issue often overlooked by firestick users. let’s check this.

  1. Plug the firestick into the HDMI port of your TV. Switch on power.
  2. Give some time to the power stick to boot, then press and hold the “Home” button of your remote.
  3. Now you can see the Amazon firestick remote paired with the TV and it will start working.
  4. If it still does not get paired, repeat the process while increasing the holding time of the “Home” button.
  • Compatibility of remote

When you are not using the remote that comes with the fire stick but buy a separate remote, then you may face this issue. There are quite a few third-party remotes available in the market and not all are of inferior quality. If your remote is bought from Amazon then you must check the compatibility message which states that it will work with your fire tv stick regularly. But if you are looking for an economic third party remote for your fire tv then make sure that the product actually works with firestick or fire tv. Some duplicate products look exactly the same and often are priced the same but they are just replicas, and you will be wasting money that way.

  • Damaged remote

If you have tried the new batteries and all other hacks, and still facing a problem, then it can be that you have got a damaged remote, or it has been damaged due to some reason. So you must seek another replacement remote, which, thankfully, does not cost much. Check the online products and see the reviews, before choosing to buy any.

  • Remote app

When your remote is not working and you are in the middle of a programme, you can switch your smartphone to a TV remote, by using this app. Amazon Fire TV remote app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS platform, only ensure that the firestick and the smartphone are connected to the same wifi network.

Most of the time the users face problems in remotes due to the drained battery, so it is wiser to keep spares all the time handy. Also, download the remote app on your smartphone to save the chaos. Be ready with all the solutions and enjoy your fire stick tv.



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