Amazon Firestick Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi – How To Fix

Fire Stick

When it comes in the streaming device than without a doubt Firestick is the tycoon of this era nothing can be impeccable there will be a few imperfections too. So likewise in Firestick, most of the users have experienced difficulty while connecting firestick with the internet. What I would like to suggest that at anytime this issue emerges you initially restart the gadget and just unplugging the power rope from the gadget and sitting tight for like 10-20 seconds after that plugin back. And if it doesn’t work by following this guide you will be able to settle this issue so how about we go directly to the guide.

Fire Stick

How to Connect Firestick?

The issue behind the Firestick won’t connect to Wi-Fi is the network error. So you should know that you’re on the exact network to ensure the connectivity. I hope that you’re in the exact network. By following these steps you can check the connection.

  • So the first you have to on your device and then click on Settings.
  • Then click on network.
  • Now on the local internet name you need to click on the button of play/pause.
  • When you will open then you can see the details regarding the network and it will mention everything about the internet connection, quality or any connectivity issue.
  • If you see the list of issues then you can use the tip given to solve the internet connectivity issue.

Many individuals will think that it’s valuable when they can’t connect the firestick to the internet is to forget the network and connect again. This step is similar to the above but with a twist.

  • On your Firestick, you need to go to the Settings.
  • Now you need to click on the network.
  • Then you can select your preferred network.
  • From the 3 horizontal lines, you need to click on the menu button to forget network.
  • After that select the confirm button.
  • The network will be forgotten by now then re-choose preferred network and connect it.
  • If it is required then you can enter the password.
  • After doing this also it does not work then you need to try restarting your router.

Fire TV Stick Connectivity Error Reasons

  1. Wireless Router

In most cases, wireless gives the problem firestick will not stay connected to wifi while doing the setup and anything different is not supported by the firestick and it causes an error while doing setup and it can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

  1. Router Configuration

It may happen that the configuration on the router is incorrect because of both the SSID  is same, network security type might be wrong or the dos protection is on so you will be unable to connect it to the router or it will give you the error that fire stick wifi is not in range.

  1. Wireless password

Users type the wrong password sometimes and they face the interruption while setting up. And this is case sensitive.

  1. Outdates software version

If the Firestick or the wireless is outdated then users can’t set up the process.

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