Fix Streaming Authorization Error On Kodi


The Flashx Tv pair allows you to pair your Kodi device with IP addresses and does not interrupt with messages like stream authorization error, any other non-workable issues for, or interrupt different types of ads. So, to pair your Kodi device with this server, you have different methods, so we will share them with you in this article and you can follow them with the steps below. Let me now begin the tutorial.

Viewing their favourite videos through the various add-ons are giving many Kodi users interruptions. Kodi is an open source software which makes Kodi more popular. Kodi has millions of users worldwide. The Kodi add-ons do not supply the videos without interrupting the link and other issues nowadays. If the Kodi user uses Kodi, then he suddenly has an error like a tv flashx and a tv pair.  You can only fix Flashx Tv / Pair in order to avoid this problem.

In reality, flashx pair was introduced just a few months ago. is a stream license error, it comes when you try to watch TV screens and movies. You must fix the flashx Kodi error to prevent interruptions while using Kodi. This was only introduced in principle because interruptions were avoided. Let us then learn how to resolve your Kodi device’s flashx pair stream permission error. You need to take the following steps to fix this coding error. You can solve the error easily using this guide. Let’s go on to work on fixing this Flashx pair.

Fix Streaming Authorization Error On Kodi

When you view any film or video in any of your favourite videos, you’ll get a “play this VCS authorization is necessary” pop up, so you’ve got to take the following steps at that time. The steps show you how to pair your device using the IP stream authorization method with the flashx pair.

  • Launch Kodi first.

Open the kodi

  • Select “Add-ons

neptune rising

  • Now come to the movie’s list and “Select Any Movie“.

select any movie from the list

  • You need to select “Flashx Pair Or pair” from the server list.

click on flashx pair

  • Then you will receive the “To Play This Video, Stream Authorisation Required” pop-up. You need to “Pair” your device IP address with the Flashx pair IP address.

flashx pair

  • Open the new browser and enter

flashx open browser

  • Select “Sign Up” option to get registered with it. (If you already have an account then click on “Sign In“.)

flashx tv pair

  • Now enter “User Name, Email, Password, Country,…etc”.

  • You must then click “Register” and “Verify your registered mail“.

flashx pair 2018

  • You will receive the “Verification Link” mail, click it and confirm for your FlashX.TV Pair account.
  • Again open “” and check the “Verify me” option and click “Pair Now”.

pair flashx tv pair

  • That’s all! Your device has been successfully paired.

Remove flashx tv pair Provider From Kodi

  • Open Kodi on your device.
  • Select Video Addon>Settings>Configure.
  • Now click on the “Providers” option.
  • You will see the List Of Providers, select “Onseries” and “Uncheck” it.
  • Finally, click on “OK”.
  • You have successfully done it. No Flashx Pair Provider option will now be available for your Kodi app.

Fix with URL Resolver

There may be mistakes you have made in entering URL while the installation of Flashx tv pair. And if you install URL Resolver on your device then you can resolve all these mistakes.all these hidden mistakes can be resolved. So let’s fix using this URL resolver.

  • Open Kodi, go to Home Screen.
  • Choose Add Ons>Package Installer>Install from Zip File.
  • Now select
  • Return to the Kodi Home Screen>Settings>System Settings.
  • Hit on System of Settings option at the bottom of the screen. Make sure it changes into Standard or Advanced.
  • Then select on Add-ons>Manage Dependencies>URL Resolver.
  • Now, click on the Update option.

This is the best procedure for fixing any lack of dependencies on any Kodi version of your Flashx tv pair. This allows you to install the URL resolution and then solve various dependency issues automatically so that you can easily combine the flashx with the Kodi system.



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