Fix Icdrama Kodi Addon Not Working


Watching drama is your favorite pastime and you are a lover of Kodi third-party add-ons, so you must have heard of and used IcDrama. The Kodi addons are numerous in numbers and most of them are for entertainment purposes. Installing the IcDrama Kodi addon will allow you to witness dramas available on the internet from any corner of the world. This user-friendly add-on plays a wide selection of Asian films and dramas in HD quality on your device with high definition visibility.

icdrama not workoing

Icdrama Kodi Addon Not Working

Sometimes on Icdrama, the HD quality movies and views enjoyed by the users are sometimes hampered by the glitches happening in the mid of your viewing session. So you must know the reasons and solutions to get over this problem.

Issues and solutions:

  • When the installation problem appears then you should check if there is any loosen failed URL_ there. This is the issue with the developers and cannot be fixed at the users’ end. You cannot skip this problem as this step does not contain any skip button. It will take time and until the developers are coming up with any update, there is no chance of getting this problem sorted.
  • As this is a Kodi addon playing video, you must have a strong internet connection with high bandwidth. The Icdrama uses a large amount of internet and while it lacks, the app may not work smoothly.
  • This addon, like many others Kodi addon, takes regular updates. It is better to allow the updates to be installed on their own as it will enable you to enjoy the app in its latest form and also you will be able to watch the recently added programs. Also if you skip the updates and run the older version of the IcDrama app, then there are chances when you will not be able to watch the app provided programs. When the new versions are available, the older version starts creating issues and stops often. So it is advised to get the app updated in due time. Turn the automatic updates on and allow the Kodi app to take the update on its’ own.
  • Icdrama is the best solution for passing the time for movie lovers. So you can download and install it today and start watching your favorite programs. You may sometime find the problem with a particular movie or program. It may not run even after you click on the link. This happens if the source file is not present there. You can check some other source files if these are given on the app. Or else you need to wait for the time period till the source file is reloaded on the app.
  • You can always uninstall and reinstall the app when there is a sudden and frequent shutdown of this app occurs. It can happen due to the errors while loading the app. If you are sure of having a strong internet connection then it is best to delete this app from your device and download it again from scratch.


Icdrama is a user-friendly app with a nice and interactive interface. It is easy to install and watching your favorite movies on it is a nice experience. Hope you will install it soon and enjoy it.



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