How to fix Indigo Error on Kodi


Kodi is an open-source media player software application available for free. People can watch TV shows, movies, sports, Live TV and much more using Kodi! Kodi app can be installed on  Android devices, iOS devices and PC. ‘Kodi Add-on’ is another piece of application that can be added to Kodi software. Add-ons enhances the functionality of Kodi program, also acts as a bridge between Kodi & media sources by streaming video/audio from the internet through Kodi player. Multiple Kodi Add-ons will be stored in ‘Kodi Repository’. Official Kodi repository will provide a list of Kodi add-ons and several third party add-ons available outside Kodi.

Exodus and Indigo are two such popular third-party Kodi add-ons. Exodus add-on allows to stream your favourite TV shows, Live shows or movies on Kodi. Indigo is a popular maintenance add-on that helps to diagnose any issues in your Kodi application and keeps your Kodi in a healthy state.  Kodi users can install these third-party add-ons in-order to enhance the functionality of their Kodi player.

How to fix Indigo Error on Kodi

How to fix Indigo Error on Kodi

Kodi users can install Exodus add-on from Kodi Bae Repository and Indigo add-on from TV Add-ons repository. However,  sometimes Kodi users may experience a few issues while they attempt to use these add-ons.  They may receive error messages and Kodi will not support to open these add-ons. Let’s see how to fix Kodi Exodus & Indigo errors.

Solution 1: Updating your version

Since Exodus and Indigo are third party add-ons, make sure that you have enabled installation from unknown sources. Before starting the installation , go to settings à system settings à add-ons, then click on  ‘unknown source’. Unless you enable installation from unknown sources, Kodi will not permit third-party add-on installation and you will receive an error message while attempting to install. And make sure that you are installing add-ons from valid repositories. Check whether the URL you are entering is valid.

Always make sure that your add-on is updated. Otherwise, you may receive add-on not working error message. Update your add-on to the latest version to resolve this error. And also update your Kodi player to the latest version.

Another important thing which should be taken care of is your network connection. Too slow internet speed will cause issues when you attempt to use add-ons. Hence make sure that you are having a good network connection.

Solution 2: Clearing Cache

Cached data will be junk file which slows down your software application and leads to error. Hence, users should try to fix the error by clearing the add-on cache. Follow the below steps to clear cache under Exodus add-on and Indigo add-on.

  • Under Exodus add-on, you can see a list of options, click on ‘Tools’ option. A new window will appear now. Here, select ‘’Exodus: clear providers’’ and click on ‘yes’. Once this process completes, click on ‘Exodus : clear cache’. Now cache will be cleared.
  • Run Indigo add-on and go to ‘’Maintenance tools’’ section. Now you can see a list of options. Click on the ‘ delete cache’ option.

Solution 2: Reinstalling Indigo

Still, if you are getting an error while attempting to run Exodus & Indigo add-ons, then you can try to fix the error by uninstalling and re-installing your Kodi application.

In-order to uninstall Kodi, go to Settings>device>apps, then click on ‘uninstall‘ option and select ‘ok’.

Once un-installation completes, re-install the app and go to ‘settings à applications’. Then click on ‘clear data’. By this, you have cleared all cache data in Kodi app.  After this, you can re-install Exodus,  Indigo add-ons along with other necessary add-ons. User may not experience any issue now.



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