Fix Kodi Addons Not Working Error on Kodi 17.6 & 18 Leia (2019)


An add-on is a software component which serves as an extension to Kodi core software, which quickly and easily provides new functions and features. In most cases, things like sports or TV broadcasting, films and shows archived, translations of subtitles and on request content from a wide variety of sources are involved. Add-ons are designed to work with any Kodi version, regardless of which device.

There are many problems associated with add ons in Kodi

Kodi can’t install an addon There are many possible causes if you have managed to install a repo but the addon doesn’t install it. The addon may be outdated, or its developers may no longer support it. You can do very little in this scenario. Other versions like the SuperRepo repository may still be hosted elsewhere, but they do not work and the older the additional, the more risk your system will face when it gets installed. Moreover, newer versions of Kodi may not work with older add-ons. The software reads and process addon code have changed in the past with the new Kodi releases and some older add-ons have been obsolete with newer Kodi releases.

The addon may also have uninstalled dependencies. These are further supplements required to complete the initial addition. In other words, the supplements that are not official in such dependencies pose considerable security risks for your system. We would, therefore, advise you not to install them first.


You may sometimes find a build or a specific Kodi addon causes a conflict with your Kodi installation. You may not install or delete Kodi addons. If this happens, you can try to load Kodi, just every time it collapses. Fortunately, Kodi addons from without your Kodi interface can be removed. You can do something with your% APPDATA percent\Kodi\addons\ folder if you need to remove a Kodi addon.

Click Users. Find your computer’s name and select AppData, and click on AppData, the following: Go to your C drive to find it on your computer. Now find the specific plugin that will cause your problems and directly remove it from this folder. If you are unsure which plugin is causing the problem, attempt to delete your most recent installed add-ons or repositories and load Kodi to see whether that is effective. If the worst happens, you may remove as many add-ons or repositories as needed without damaging the Kodi base system. However, your add-ons may have to be reinstalled later.

There are a lot of reasons for add-ons that don’t work or keep crashing. However, this happens mostly because of Kodi repositories. The Kodi repository is the place of hosting and building the add-ons. You have several repositories on your Kodi software if you use Kodi builds. Click Add-ons > Add-on Browser > Repository Install, to see this. What happens if you try to install add-ons or if you have add-ons already installed, is from which of these repositories you have add-ons. Since you have the same add-ons on multiple repositories.

Fix Kodi Addons Not Working Error

As discussed above, Kodi repository is one of the reasons why add-ons do not work. What you need to know about is how to pull the right add-ons from the right repositories. Download add-ons from an official source always. I don’t even like using 100 repositories on my Kodi personally. Make sure you have a recently updated video and program add-ons because an older version sometimes causes you difficulties. We help you to fix additional information that does not work on Kodi 18 Leia in this section. Follow the steps below to check and update your Kodi 17 & 18 additional features.

  • Open your Kodi software to correct Codi XMBC add-ons not working.
  • Go to Add-ons. Now Click on the left-hand corner Addon Browser icon.
  • Next, on the screen you see, select’ video add-ons.’
  • You can see here that all video add-ons on your Kodi are installed. If any add-on does not work, it is signposted with a cross.
  • Check carefully every addon. To view the update of a certain addon, click on the addon and check. If you find the addon update, please update your add-ons.
  • Click Enable to enable a particular Addon if there is no update available. This is it. This is it. Your Kodi addons should now work on your Kodi properly



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