How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues


Are you looking for the best way to stop buffering in Kodi so that you can enjoy clear buffer-free streaming then, you re on the right place by going through this guide, you will be able to eliminate buffer and watch streams more reliably in Kodi.

Kodi is extraordinary in contrast to other spilling stages accessible but accompanies with a fair share of issues, most of the time buffering issue’s problem can genuinely endure if your connection is poor or the web connection will assume a major part in buffering, but there are ways which will make streaming service steadier. So, in this guide, I have figured it out on settling the buffering on Kodi.

Kodi buffering issue

How to stop Kodi Buffering?

Kodi stop buffering is one of the most annoying things that you can encounter while watching your favourite shows. Sadly, using streaming add-ons are not spared from this pain, but there are things to stop Kodi buffering while watching streaming videos on Kodi.

What Causes Kodi Buffering During Streaming?

There are some reasons that users experience that Kodi is lagging, the following are the main.

  • Slow connection speed
  • Network connectivity problems
  • Limited bandwidth from the streaming source
  • Network congestion at the source
  • Unsuitable Kodi cache settings
  • Internet service provider (ISP) throttling connection speeds

Steps To Fix Kodi Buffering Issues

  • Stop Buffering in Kodi – General Settings

Almost all the Kodi boxes are slightly different which needs some manual input to minimize buffering but, it requires a lot of time so there are some general settings that you can input.

  1. First, from the TT Buffer Fix Kodi addon, you have to go to the Edit Settings screen then tap on Network Settings and tap on Cache.
  2. Memory size, Buffermode, and Read factor need to be changed in the Cache screen.
  3. So you have to change the memory size value to 419430400, this is file size in bytes which allows the memory to store in the media file as it loads to get.
  4. You have to change the buffer mode value to 1 as it will buffer and load all streams which users pass through the Kodi media interface.
  5. Now, the third one is Read factor you have to change the read factor value to 4.0 as it will increase the buffer read rate which helps to keep your cache file filled up if you have a poor internet connection.
  6. After that, go back three screens to the main menu of the TT Buffer Fix addon then tap on Write XML File, and it will create a file in the Kodi directory on your box that contains the settings.
  • Steps To Fix Kodi Buffering Issue

  1. First, select File Manager from the submenu of the system and go to the Add Source then double click.
  2. After that, you need to enter this and tap on Done then OK.
  3. Again go back to the System by going to Home and tap on the Add-ons.
  4. Now, select the option Install from ZIP then open the red icon which is label as ZIP.
  5. You have to tap at then Add-on will install, so go back to the home.
  6. Now, you have to choose Programs and select the Ares Wizard.
  7. After that, select the folder Name as Tweaks on the top then tap on the Advanced Settings Wizard.
  8. Now, select Next then, you will be able to see the unused RAM of the system, so keep it in mind don’t even touch other settings.
  9. You have to select Generate then set the size of the Video Cache by half of the available RAM size.
  10. After that, tap on the Apply Setting and Restart Kodi.
  11. So now, you will have a new optimized Kodi Streaming without Buffering issue.
  • Steps To Install TT Buffer Fix Kodi Addon – Standard Method

TT Buffer Fix Kodi addon will help to stop buffering in Kodi as it is the modified version of the old Easy Advanced Settings addon that has updated and rebuilt for compatibility with newer versions of Kodi. So following is the guide to stop buffering in Kodi.

  1. First, navigate to SYSTEM> File Manager > Add Source > None from the Kodi main menu.
  2. After that, type the URL and select Done.
  3. Now, highlight the box underneath then enter a name for the media Source like ttr and then click OK.
  4. You have to go back to your home screen ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later and select Add-ons then Add-on Browser.
  5. If you have Kodi 16 then, ON Kodi 16 or earlier and select SYSTEM then  Add-Ons.
  6. After that, you have to select Install from Zip File > ttr > Maintenance > then wait for the Add-on enabled notification.

In conclusion

Kodi is extraordinary in contrast to other spilling stages accessible but accompanies with a fair share of issues but, by going through the above steps, you can settle the buffering on Kodi. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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