Fix Kodi Causing Firestick To Reboot Issue


The entertainment processes have been upgraded and you can now use various gadgets like Firestick, Android box, NVIDIA Shield, and many more. Using open source applications like Kodi allows you to watch an unlimited number of movies and programs which would otherwise been paid.

Firesticks have become a favorite item for many users as this one comes cheap and yet it is pretty much powerful. This is originally an Amazon product but in time of using it with Kodi, you will not be able to avail of any help from Amazon. As Kodi is an open-source, the developers do not have a full-time customer support team to solve all the issues.

So when you use Kodi with Firestick to enjoy the free on-demand streaming of movies, you can face certain issues. Some glitches cause Firestcik to restart again and again, while you watch movies on Kodi. We have listed a few solutions to such issues.

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Fix Kodi causing Firestick to Reboot Issue

To resolve the reboot issue, you can try troubleshooting. Here is how you will do that.

  • First, you will check the internet connection, as loss of data connection even for a few seconds may cause the Firestick to reboot. The WiFi menu of the Firestick and ensure that the data connection is on.
  • Then you may try some other sites like YouTube, and find if it is working. If other sites are streaming regularly then this is particularly the problem with Kodi. Check the other addons of Kodi too.
  • Using a VPN is always advised. If you are not using one, then maybe the internet provider has blocked your IP for the Kodi sources.
  • Another way of troubleshooting is, uninstalling and reinstalling the Kodi repository. This is a universal and much effective method of fixing almost any software.

1. To do that you need to go to the Add-ons, and select Add-ons and then go to the option called Install from Repository.

2. On the particular repo, you want to update or install, long hold. 

3. From the list of information that will appear, select update. Also, you can select the uninstall option from here.

4. You can remove the addon altogether and later check if it works after reinstallation.

5. After going to the Add-ons section, you need to long-press the addon and select the Information tab.

6. Click on the Uninstall button when the option comes on screen. After a few seconds, the app will be uninstalled. Later you can reinstall it and see if the problem persists.

  • Sometimes you will see a black screen when Kodi is just launched on Firestick. This can be caused by a bug or else there is too much cache on Kodi.

1. To fix it, you can go to the home screen of Firestick.

2. Go to the settings by holding the Home key for long. Now select Kodi from the list of Managed Installed Application which comes under the Application list.

3. From here you can force stop Kodi and clear the cache.

4. After you are done, come back to the home screen and try to re-launch Kodi.

  • If there is any disabled hardware acceleration then also your Firestick will be rebooted.

1. To check that, you should go to the gear icon on the home page of Kodi as it will lead you to the Settings menu.

2. Here you will find Player settings and at the bottom, there is the option Basic mentioned.

3. When you click thrice on this option, it will turn to Expert.

4. Now you can click on the Video tab to highlight it.

5. Go to the bottom of the page and toggle the Allow Hardware Acceleration – DXVA2 option. You need to restart Kodi after the process is finished.

  • The absence of Addons.db file after reinstallation of the repository can also cause Firestick to reboot.

1. So you have to download a file explorer app. After opening that you have to navigate to the link


2. After this step you can delete the Addons.db file.

  • Also, the issue can be caused by URL Resolver dependency.

1. From the Add-ons tab you can select Manage Dependencies and from there move to  URLResolver.

2. Click on Update and you will find that the rebooting loop is discontinued.



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