Fix Kodi “Couldn’t Connect To Network Server” Error


At the point when you want to watch some sort of movies and TV shows, you, for the most part, go to Kodi. In any case, sometimes it says Remote server couldn’t connect with a network server. You check and find that everything else appears to work fine, not surprisingly. However, presently you can’t install any new add-ons in Kodi, and simply continue getting an error of Couldn’t connect with network server message. Try not to stress, numerous Kodi users have revealed this issue. Also, this guide has gotten the two five answers for you. Read this article and have an attempt to fix it by yourself.


Methods to Fix Kodi Couldn’t Connect To Network Server Error

Method 1: Check Internet Connection

The main strategy for tackling this issue is to check your gadget’s web connection. Regardless of whether you are utilizing a Fire TV/Stick, Android TV Box, or PC, these are altogether connected by means of wi-fi to Kodi. As the connection error message expresses, “This could be because of the system not being connected”. To ensure that web connection is accessible and working appropriately. When sure that an adequate connection with your web is accessible, we can attempt a couple of other convenient solutions.

Method 2: Check Your URL Information

Most of the time, the Kodi Unable to Connect Error happens on the grounds that the URL has been composed erroneously. When entering a source name and getting this error, you are provoked with the accompanying message as unable to connect,

This very common error screened which can be bothering for individual who has experienced it. In any case, an inaccurate URL is generally linked with these kinds of issues. On the off chance that you do go over this message and Tap Yes, we can return and alter for any accentuation/punctuation mistakes. In the accompanying occurrence, I am attempting to install any add-on say youtube, however, incorrectly spelt the URL.

The means underneath will tell you the best way to fix this issue.

  1. On the off chance that you got the Unable to Connect error message and clicked Yes, basically right-click on the source and pick Edit source right-click to alter source Url
  2. Click the erroneously composed URL (anything has been incorrectly spelt with an additional any punctuation, letter)
  3. Search for any mix-ups you may have made entering. Counting spaces when URL, missed periods, hyphens, oblique punctuation lines, and the hyphens, backslashes etc. from there. Change the URL to the best possible term and Tap OK check for mistakes
  4. Then enter a name for the media source and snap OK. The file ought to install appropriately then, click OK.

When finished, you would now be able to install an add-on similarly as you would ordinarily. As expressed above, more than likely a wrongly entered URL is the purpose for the Kodi Unable to Connect Error. In the event that you are sure that the wording and accentuation is actually immaculate, we can attempt another technique for fixing this issue.

Method 3: Check URL is running appropriately

In the event that despite everything you get the Kodi Unable to Connect Error in the wake of following the techniques above, there is one increasingly elective. As most Kodi clients know, add-ons and repositories are in a steady condition of progress. In this manner, it is hard to tell whether one is in working condition or not. On the off chance that you realize your connection is fine and the URL is composed accurately, it might be that the file you are attempting to install is never again working. We can without much of a stretch check to ensure it is accessible by composing in the accurate URL into any program.

After composing the URL into your program, you will see one of two messages.

  1. In the event that the URL is a working source, you will see an “Index of” message which shows all files situated inside this source. It would appear that this: working URL
  2. If the URL isn’t a working source, you will see this message: not working URL

At the point when you see “This site can’t be reached” the Add-on or file you are attempting to install isn’t accessible. Try by installing a VPN and have another shot of your decision.

Method 4: Update your add ons

In spite of the fact that Kodi ordinarily updates itself naturally, it’s conceivable that you are not utilizing the most recent accessible variant, which may represent the Couldn’t connect with a network server issue. To explain the issue, you would be wise to check for updates physically. To do as such, you can pursue these means:

  • On the main page of Kodi, click Add-ons.
  • In the Add-ons area, click My add ons, or the box-like symbol on the top.
  • Press left on the remote to get the sidebar to appear, and select Check for updates. At that point, Kodi will naturally install the most recent form for your add ons.
  • Restart Kudi, and there would be no more “Couldn’t connect with network server”, then this has been reported by many users.

In the event that it doesn’t take care of the issue, there’s something different you can attempt: re-introducing Kodi. And this being the fifth and final method to fix this issue

Method 5: Re-introduce Kodi

  • To reinstall Kodi, you have to uninstall Kodi first, and erase the document and data in this area C:\Users\frede\AppData\Roaming\Kodi to dispose of all related stuff.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Download and install a new Kodi again.
  • Run Kodi and it ought to work easily.

These have been the best methods for fixing the network connection issue. Please provide your valuable feedback for this article.



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