How to Fix Kodi Exodus Redux No Stream Available Error


Just like other Streaming application, KODI is a fantastic source of Media player which can be installed in every device for entertainment options. This Kodi Exodus Redux providing a huge number of movies and TV shows. But sometimes users get stuck with errors links with add-ons, Exodus Redux, Placenta, covenant etc. So need not to worry about it. Here will be discussing how to fix Kodi Exodus Redux no stream available error.

How to Fix Kodi Exodus Redux No Stream Available Error

Exodus Redux also Deals with certain obstacles at a time as same as other Software faces. So here we mentioned the following solutions for various problems.

  1. Kodi Add-on not working –

The one and only reasons to get an error that not using an updated version of Kodi Add-on. If you don’t update the Kodi add on that you are not able to stream movies or TV show’s and not work properly. It’s same as for covenant errors. Covenant also one of the familiar Kodi ads on but no longer getting updates now as it did.

  1. Install more than one Kodi add-on

Just adding new add-ons repeatedly also creates lots of problems or error. Some old version of add-ons works best on Kodi add-ons because real –Debrid services. Using more than add-ons is also works well if one add-on doesn’t work and which is peculiar in that type of media in which you want to watch. To know Kodi add-on is working or not just try different movies or TV show to play. If it works, then you can assume that add-on is excellent.

3. Kodi Sources Not Available

You might get no stream available due to incorrect titles you search for. This might also if you are searching for any older movies or TV shows which may have been deleted or take away from the internet it also happens if you watch the news every day you can get error more often.

4. Clear Kodi Cache & Providers

To keep your Kodi works and runs smoothly you need to clear Kodi Cache and providers from your chosen add-on. This will take away unnecessary mess up. This way you can revitalize the Kodi add-ons and enhance your streaming experience. So here also we are providing steps on how to clear the cache.

  1. 1st go into the Exodus main menu and scroll down and press on Tools.


2. Now press on Clear Providers and then press yes.


3. After then you will get a message of done process.

4. Now again scroll down and press on Exodus redux Clear Cache and then press Yes.


Now you have done the clear cache and enjoy your adored TV shows or Movies.

5. Network Problems

If your problems still insist then it likely to be something wrong with your network which may be either internal or external.

Internal Network Problems

Internal problem means something went wrong with the network within your home. So the only thing is that you need to check and fix it.

Unplug the power cord for 1minute

Internet problems can be sorted out if you restart your router. Simply you need to unplug the router for 1 minute and then plug it again. If the Router doesn’t work you can do the same thing with cable or DLS modem. You should test internet speed on your devices as well whether it works or not

Change Providers Timeout

Some time we are unable to fix up the internet speed, so you can make some optimization on Kodi add-ons under the settings. Those are having fast internet source or plans but streaming device not able to speed up streaming. So check within your devices running fast or not. If your internet connection is poor, you can extend the time that Kodi add-ons will push hard the internet for movies or your adored shows you would like to watch. So here we are giving you examples to use Exodus Kodi add –on –

  • Just search for tools
  • Search for General settings
  • Once press on timeout providers then pull the slider to its position at least for a minute.
  • Now press the button ok.

External Network Problems

Blocking of ISP also the reasons for errors and slow down the Kodi streams as well. To Re-solve your problem installing a VPN on your devices and prevents unauthorized access to connect through the internet. And now you can stream and enjoy your adored movies. This VPN not only prevent from unauthorized accessing on the internet but also protect from malfunctioning and hacker from accessing online activities.

  1. Reset Kodi

The final tip and last most important steps are to reset your Kodi app. This will be a good troubleshooting tip. Using Kodi app for long period of time also create troubles for “No stream Available” error while enjoying your adored movies or shows. So, the best thing is still you are getting an error that means you need to reset the Kodi app to work properly


Once you set up your mind to watch your adored movies or shows in your leisure time or when you get your time to entertain yourself you may often overwhelming with “ No stream available” error. This kind of thing really annoying and irritating as well. As we mentioned the problems during your streaming activities like outdated Kofi add-ons, poor connection, hacker or unauthorized access, and maybe not using any strong VPN on your devices. So such problems you might face.

But the above-mentioned solutions will trace and correct the faults in your Kodi add-on and devices. Hope the above-mentioned guidelines helps you lot to settle down the error occurs while watching movies. Once you solved your problems enjoy your adored shows or movies in your any devices where you want to see.



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