Fix Kodi Playback Failed: ‘Check Log Information’ Error


Kodi is arguably the best for watching movies, songs, shows, images, live cricket, tv and much more. Kodi works on various operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux, and mac. However, Kodi has problems as Kodi playback failed and failed with an error code or sometimes or Check log for More Information. So in here, you will see some of the best solutions to fix this error code and playback issue on Kodi Add-ons.


Fix Kodi Playback Failed: Check Log Information Error

Step 1: Clear Maintenance Cache

  • Whenever Cache data gets fill then, Kodi will show the errors while streaming and playback so, you have to clear for smooth streaming.
  • Install Raw Maintenance Add-on
  • First, open Kodi and then go to the Settings.
  • You will see the File Manager under the settings so click on the File Manager.
  • After that, you need to the open add source.
  • And now click on None and Add the URL –
  • Then Add Repository.
  • After that tap on Done and give the name to the file.
  • Tap on the Home button on Kodi.
  • Now again under the setting tap on the setting.
  • And then tap on Add-ons.
  • Tap on the install from Zip file and locate the zip file.
  • Now tap on the maintenance folder and install the zip
  • Again under Add-ons click on Install from Repository.
  • Click & install the RAW Maintenace Kodi Add-on.

Step 2: Kodi Krypton v 17.1+

  • First, you need to tap on Settings Icon then open File Manager.
  • And Add source and enter the URL as above.
  • After that, go to home page then click on Add-On and click on box icon at the top.
  • You need to tap on install from zip file and locate the file under the maintenance folder then install the
  • Tap on Install from Repository and click on RAW Maintenace Kodi Add-on.
  • After that, open Program Add-ons and install the Raw maintenance.

Step 3: Clear Database Garbage

Usually, database obsolete files may cause the issues so, better to delete these databases on your device.

  • First, go to settings of Kodi.
  • Then tap on the File Manager.
  • Tap on Profile directory by default.
  • And click on DATABASE.
  • You can look for an option named Addons.db under the DATABASE.
  • On Android look for on the Add-ons.db and delete the DB.
  • On PC Search for %Appdata windows then open the Kodi> User Data> DataBase and look for Addons.db file once you get it, Delete it right away.

Step 4: Tweak the Settings for Device Compatibility

By following the steps below, Kodi Settings will be compatible with device software and hardware.

Step 5: Installing the Ares Wizard

  • First, you need to tap on Settings Icon then open File Manager.
  • After that, tap on Add source and enter the URL –
  • Go back to the home screen and click on Add-Ons then tap on the box icon on the top left.
  • So tap Install from the zip file, locate the file and click on it.
  • After that, tap on Install from Repository and click on Ares Project.
  • By now, you Open Program Add-ons and Install the Ares Wizard.

Step 6: Using the Ares Wizard Step 2

  • Again go back to Home Screen
  • And Tap on Program Add-ons and open Ares Wizard.
  • Tap on Tweaks on AresWizard page.
  • Then tap on ‘Next’ option then click on Generate Settings and Apply the settings. A .xml file will be created.
  • Now reboot the Kodi App, and by now, you will notice a change in buffering of the Kodi streams.

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