How to Fix Kodi Startup Crashes


You have upgraded your Kodi or have installed new add-on, skin, build, and the Kodi not open properly when you restart it, it is actually getting crashes.

Kodi Crashes for various reasons:

  • If you are using an older version
  • The latest version doesn’t support your device
  • Add-ons installed from unofficial repositories. And many

When it gets crashed, Kodi app doesn’t bring you to the home page of it. It happens in the startup sequence of Kodi.

Startup Sequence

We know Kodi is nothing but an open-source software on which we add add-ons, build, skin and different sources. When we start the Kodi app, it first read the user setting data or user data, this is the startup sequence.

Kodi doesn’t get crash itself but they are elements; add-ons builds etc, which don’t get compatible with the current version of it.

Fix Kodi Startup Crashes

Fix Kodi Startup Crashes

Here we suggesting five options to fix it –

1. Update the Kodi app.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Kodi. If you have downgraded it then again you should move to its latest version. Or if the newer version is running on your device you will have to downgrade it.

2. You can simply Uninstall or delete the Kodi app and reinstalled it fresh. You will lose all your data.

3. Uninstall add-ons which you have installed recently.

You will lose all your user data like add-ons, build and skin, and you will have to reinstall them again.

Second Option – 

If you want that all of your user data remain safe and solve fix this crashing problem, then you will have to find which of your data on the app is not compatible with the current version of the Kodi you are using.

Follow these steps to find files which are creating the problem – 

  • Find the user data folder for your Kodi app.

For Android device follow this path to find – 


  • Transfer all the user data folder into another folder.
  • Now start the Kodi app, if it starts properly. The problem is with your data.
  • Now start moving data to your original source and restart Kodi every time
  • Whenever it got crash you will find which data is not compatible with the app. You can remove this permanently.

Add-ons installed from unofficial repositories could be cause for the crash, first try by adding those add-ons.

4. Make off the Allow hardware acceleration.

  • Go to the setting from the home page of the Kodi. You will find it left upper side.
  • Now select Player settings
  • Now select the standard-setting – you will find it lower side.
  • Select Video from the next window
  • Disable the Allow hardware acceleration – DXVA2.
  • Now restart the app.

5. Clear the cache

To clear the cache files from the app you will require the Indigo add-ons.

Install the Indigo add-ons 

  • Go to the settings from the home page of the Kodi app
  • Select system setting option from the next page
  • Select the add-ons menu from the next window you will see and enable the unknown source.
  • Now back and select the file manager option from the setting page.
  • Select Non from the next page
  • Enter the path – and click Ok.
  • Give the source name Tvaddons – you can give it any name.
  • Now go to the home page of the app and select add-ons from the menu list.
  • Click on the box icon upper left side from the next page.
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Now select Tvaddons
  • Select Kodi Repos
  • Select English
  • Now choose

The Tvaddons repository installed

  • Now select install from repository from the next window.
  • Now search for TV ADDONS.CO Add-on Repository.
  • Now select program add-ons
  • Now click on indigo and it will be installed.

After installation complete, you will find the Maintenance Tools option where you will find the Clear Cache option.



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