Fix Neptune Rising Not Working Error


Kodi is one of the best open-source third-party software free media and TV streaming application, available for all platforms i.e. android, iOS and windows. Neptune Rising is one of the outstanding add ons available on Kodi TV which provides Movies, TV shows, other Digital media contents streaming in 1080p HD frictionlessly.

Along with long a list of streaming content, Neptune Rising provides a user-friendly interface for navigation and searching interesting content to watch. However, in recent times users had started facing Blamo Repository error like death stream, no stream available error. Before going directly to know about fixing the r, we first know some features and how to install this add-on in Kodi first.


Features of Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is simple and smooth functioning Add on which provide a list of digital media contents on Kodi TV with high-quality streaming, here the categorical list of Neptune rising add on,

  • Movies: As we can guess by the name of this category, it contains names of different movies list you can enjoy in your free time. This category eases your work of searching, which movie to watch or not.
  • TV Shows: As we mentioned in the above category, this category contains a list of varieties of TV series. One can easily select the content of its choice, and start binge-watching it for days and night.
  • Top Movies: We all want quality movie content, this category contains IMDB top 1000 movies list. Here you’ll see all the top titles, with different records, arranged for you, holding back to be streamed. Along these lines, if thereby chance that you’ve missed some of the top-titles of Hollywood movies, you are at the right place.
  • IMDB User lists: When you visit IMDB, you frequently find different content by its users based dependent on various types, genre, actors, filmmakers, production houses. Here you’d locate the best of those IMDB lists of movies, so if you gave any type of confusion, a tick on this category it will help you to select.
  • Critters Corner: In this category content are categorized on the basis of genre (Rom-Com, thriller, heist, drama, comedy), year, a language with top 100 list of quality content which makes it top 100 category list.
  • What the Fork: This category contains list latest top trending and popular content in recent times in a single window, it also has a separate sub-list of top movies and tv series based on trends, anticipation and box office collection.

How to install Neptune Rising on KODI

The steps to download it are:

  1. Enable install the app from unknown sources in Kodi.
  2. On the left corner of Kodi there is cogwheel icon, click on it.
  3. Open file manager, double click on ‘Add source’
  4. Input URL – and then click on Ok. Name new source as Legion and dismiss pop-up by clicking ok.
  5. Navigate to the Open Package symbol at the upper left corner of the screen.
  6. You’ll be given a rundown menu. Select ‘Install from ZIP file “
  7. Click on Legion > Click on this ZIP to install the respective repository.
  8. On the same screen, find Install from Repository and tap on it.
  9. At last, go to MR FREE WORLD then click on Video Add-Ons, select Neptune Rising. Then, click on the ‘Install’ button.

Fixing Neptune Rising error

There are basically two types of error Neptune Rising shows one that Neptune rising not working and the other is No stream available.

Neptune rising not working error

Generally, this error arises when your add-on is simply outdated, so it order to fix it you must update your Neptune Rising add on, follow the steps for this procedure:

  • Step 1- The first step is to launch your Kodi (Krypton or Jarvis)
  • Step 2- Now on the Kodi Home Screen go to Add-ons and Right-click on Neptune Rising.
  • Step 3- Tap on the Information bar and then click on Update add on.
  • Step 4- You have to select the latest version available.
  • Step 5- Click on it and it will update.  A Pop up will appear on your screen.

Neptune rising no stream available

This is the most common error Neptune rising add-on shows, hence in order to solve it follow the steps given below,

  • Step 1- Open Kodi Home Screen.
  • Step 2- Right-click on updated Neptune Rising add-on.  Select Tools from the menu.
  • Step 3- Then from the toolbar, click on Neptune Rising and tap on Clear Cache
  • Step 4-Click yes to clear the cache.
  • Step 5-Then go to Clear Providers. Again, click on yes to clear providers.
  • Step 6- Again come back to the Home Screen and then right-click on Neptune Rising and click on settings option.
  • Step 7- Ensure that the Providers Timeout should be 20. Then click on OK.
  • Step 8- Now tap on the Playback option and switch off the option  Hosters With Captchas.
  • Step 9- Then go to the Library and switch on the option Check Movie Before Adding It.
  • Step 10- Finally Click on OK.

Once you follow the above steps error relating to Neptune rising will be fixed. One more important thing you keep in your mind that always run your Neptune Rising add-on on VPN to make it run smoothly and efficiently and free from future errors.

It’s a simple add-on with the very simple User interface, and very lightweight in size and has high stability. In simple language, we can say that Neptune rising Kodi add-on is very effective and systematic. Whenever you open Neptune Rising, you have been awarded a category of contents consisting of several options to explore, including Top Movies, Tv series Drama etc.



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