How to Fix No Sound on Kodi Error

No Sound on Kodi

You were watching your favourite movie then all of sudden there is no sound on Kodi. This is really frustrating but if you’re here and reading the article then, you can Fix No Sound on Kodi issue without any difficulty by following the guide below.

No Sound on Kodi

Why is there no sound on Kodi?

The hardware can cause the sound issue on Kodi like device that’s installed Kodi, the audio cable faulty can also result in no sound issue. The old Kodi version, add-ons had cause issues like a sound problem. And the incorrect audio setting in Kodi is the main reasons for causing a sound problem.

It is difficult to identify the issue and there is always a solution you must try before throwing Kodi in the trash. Try the following fixes to solve no sound in Kodi

Guide to Fix No Sound on Kodi Error

You can follow the below steps in order to fix the issue with no sound for kodi.

Reinstall Kodi

Tons of users have resolved the no sound issue by reinstalling Kodi, as it works like a magic so why don’t you try but make sure that you uninstall Kodi first and then reinstall it again if the sound issue has been resolved.

Update Kodi with the latest version

A new release of Kodi version can fix some bugs and gives a better experience. To install the latest Kodi go to the download page/application store and update Kodi.

Reconfigure the Audio Settings on the Kodi

Sometimes incorrect audio settings in Kodi can cause the no sound issue, you need to check the audio settings by the following procedure.

  • First, launch Kodi on your device.
  • And on the home screen of Kodi click the Settings button.
  • After that, Click on the System Settings.
  • And now Click on the Standard to change it to different settings mode until and unless you don’t see Advanced in the left pane, once you get it, click Advanced to go to the Advanced settings.
  • Then Click Audio in the left pane, and adjust the audio settings to match your audio output device.

kodi error no sound

  • After that, restart the device and try it again to see if the sound is working or not.

Check hardware issue

Sometimes hardware issue causes no sound issue in your computer so check your hardware works or not by following the steps.

Check Audio Cable

Always see that audio cable works or not while using Kodi TV box or speakers, you can try another audio cable and try your audio cable in another device to troubleshoot.

Check Connecting Ports

Check on the connecting ports and ensure that the connecting ports are working nicely sometimes dust in ports causes the issues so use the brush to clean the brush and try it again.

Check Bluetooth Audio Connection

And if you are using the Bluetooth audio connection always pay attention to the unstable Bluetooth connection because Bluetooth connection will be interfered by other signals so be careful and turn off other Bluetooth connection and try to turn off the Bluetooth connection on Kodi, and turn it on to see if it works or not.

Update the sound driver on Windows

In the window to fix the sound issue on Kodi, you can upgrade the sound driver and, by going to the manufacturer’s website, you can manually update your audio driver then download latest sound driver for your Windows computer.

  • If you don’t have enough time and you don’t want to wait to then do it automatically with Driver Easy.
  • Download and install Drive Easy
  • Now run the Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button it will scan and detect any problem drivers.
  • Now click on the Update All the automatically download and install the correct version.

Restart your computer to make it take effect

After updating the sound driver again try Kodi to see if the sound’s working.

Run Kodi in another device

If above mention doesn’t solve the issue then, try Kodi in another different device. Something must be wrong with the hardware device.


So by following these steps, I hope you can resolve the issues on Kodi. No sound is frustrating while you are watching your favourite movies or any TV shows. I hope it will be helpful at the time of your need. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!


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