Fix “No Stream Available” issue on Kodi


Are you seeing Kodi not streaming issue and looking for the ways to fix it, then you’re in the right place, so keep reading the guide. It is very frustrating while watching TV shows, movies and the in middle of it, it stops but, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because this guide is on the Kodi, not streaming issue but I am pretty sure that by this guide you can fix up this issue. So let’s see in brief how it happens and how to fix “No Stream Available” issue on Kodi.


Kodi Streaming Issues

There are various reasons for streaming issues, for example, No Stream Available error message shows up whenever you are trying to play a source link, Video stops while watching it, and video never starts. So If you have the older version of Kodi or the add-on then you may have experience that addons breaks and no shows will get any links. And sometimes an update breaks the add-on. You can fix this by uninstalling the add-on and reinstalling it. You need to get the latest stable version. Sometimes Kodi works fine without restarting but, there are issues so, you need to restart Kodi.


Don’t install Kodi manually on Android, use the Google Play Store to install Kodi that way it stays up to date.

Windows 10:

You can install Kodi from the Windows Store so that, it stays up to date.

Amazon FireStick:

Install your Kodi updates manually, if you don’t have the Google Play Store.

Steps to fix the “No Stream Available” issue on Kodi

  • First, check the link is valid or not that is air date. So, you have to ensure that the show has been aired first.
  • And then, make sure that ISP is not blocked for streaming or the connectivity.
  • Now, go back to the add-ons tools menu and reset the cache and providers then reboot.
  • So you can now test same links and add-ons on your device by using 3g or 4g, but you might need VPN.
  • And now try to repair your URL Resolver.
  • If it doesn’t work and fails then try to do a fresh start.

URL resolver to fix the Kodi add-ons

  • First, open Kodi then select system and File Manager then Add Source after that click on None.
  • Now type this URL and then select on Done.
  • Now highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media source and then type fusion and select OK.
  • Go back to the Home Screen then select system then Add-ons and install from zip file.
  • And select fusion then selects Kodi Scripts.
  • Now and wait until you see a enable notification.

Steps to Update Resolver URL to fix Kodi addons

  • First, open Kodi then select system.
  • Now go to the File Manager then Add Source and click on None.
  • And then type this then select on Done.
  • So now highlight the box underneath and enter the name for this media source then type mrblamo and select OK.
  • Now go back to the Home Screen then system and add-ons then install it from the zip file.
  • After that select mrblamo and select
  • Now, wait until you see the enable notification and then select on the install from repository.
  • And then select the install and next.
  • Now you have to select Blmo Repo and select add-on repository.
  • Again select the add-on repository.
  • And select jsergio Repo, wait until you see the add on enable notifications.

So by now, you can fix the issues and watch your favourite movies. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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