How to Fix No Video, Only Audio Error on Kodi


Kodi is a home theatre media player hub, organizing a media library. In general, Kodi does not host files but any developer can generate a repository file to host content. This way, you usually must have access to your media repository first and then to your device. Kodi users can install an additional repository on their device and easily have access to entertainment.

But it is always subject to some kind of issues as a media server with such a high number of the online repositories. One of those troubling problems is that Kodi streams show no video, only black, grey or white audio. This error is very common in all Kodi configurations including Android TV, Kodi Box, Firestick, Android or Windows.

Fix No Video, Only Audio Error on Kodi

For Kodi 17+ (Old Settings)

  • Step 1. Open the Kodi application.
  • Step 2. Click on Settings.
  • Step 3. Next, go to Player Settings.
  • Step 4. You will see Developer Options nowhere in the menu.
  • Select Expert from Basic, Advanced, Standard and Expert options.

Video Player Settings

  • Step 5. Under Processing, select Video.
  • Step 6. Check for the fix, the problem will be solved. But if the problem is not resolved then disable the Hardware Acceleration – DXVA2 and try to play.
  • Step 7. If still the problem is not resolved, change the Render Method to DXVA and try again.
  • And if nothing works out, then Scroll down and reset the Settings to default.

For Kodi 17+ (New Settings)

  • Step 1. Open the Kodi application.
  • Step 2. Click on the Settings icon.
  • Step 3. Then click on Player Settings.
  • Step 4. In the bottom part of the menu, one of the four options will be shown; Basic, Standard, Advanced, Expert. Click every time to change the option to select the Expert.

Kodi Player Settings

  • Step 5. If the Rendering technique is greyed out, tweak with Hardware Acceleration here.
  • Disable the MediaCodec(Surface) Acceleration and check for the fix. Tweak around with the option.
  • Step 6. Scroll down and reset default settings if nothing works.

Clear Kodi Junk Files Cache

  • Add repository URL–http:/
  • Simply install from a .zip file, locate the file under maintenance folder, and install
  • Next, click on Install from Repository and then click on RAW Maintenace Kodi Add-on.
  • After installing Raw Add-on successfully, Click on Program and open Raw Maintenance.
  • Clear the Cache & Purge Packages under Raw Maintenance.

5 Reasons Why You Have “No Video, Only Audio” Kodi Issue

Here we will examine the no video issues list of challenges. Remember, therefore, the problems with your Kodi video no problem. Let us talk about it.

Five no-video problem problems:

  1. Tabbed Mode
  2. ARM Codecs
  3. Raspberry Pi Codecs
  4. librtmp
  5. Hardware Limitations


Kodi can move the video screen to the main Kodi interface back and forth. If you select an item to play it will open the video playback screen automatically, and it will have to solve some of the difficulties if it has not opened.

  • The solution is very easy, just press the tab key on the keyboard and the full screen is displayed.
  • If the keyboard is wrong, do not go to the video menu and press to the left.
  • Then a hidden menu is opened and the full screen is chosen.
  • Many skins can also be turned off directly from the home page for full-screen playback.


Kodi has some new video decoding options in the System Settings. Some Android devices face playback issues, and these settings require few changes.

  • To scroll down to the bottom of System-> video, and click on the standard option, and change the setting until the expert reaches it.
  • Now you can change expert settings for hardware or software decoding from video settings and can also enable and disable decoding such as AM Codec.
  • Change these settings only until you see playback improvements.

Some devices may not be well-functioning with hardware encoding, so sometimes software decoding depends.


You will need to buy MPEG 2 codec license when you are using a Raspberry Pi. Don’t worry it is easy to purchase from Raspberry Pi’s official website, and more details of this codec can also be found on this official website. But this particular codec is very rare in this time, but you must use this protocol if you want to play some older format videos, and if there are no video problems then you need to purchase the license by procedure, as we have stated before.


The next issue is to update librtmp to play live streams. Then after a few seconds, when you start live streaming, it suddenly stops streaming. You can correct this problem in certain systems by simply downloading the latest version and copying it into a proper directory. However, all codecs must be recompiled on systems such as XBOX and Raspberry Pi. You will, therefore, need a good technical background.


Video is available in all sorts of formats, but you need a better quality video for example if you’re using an XBOX console. Like that, you must modify quality based on the console capability but the quality is extraordinarily converted and the quality must be compressed highly without bugs. Similarly, set-top boxes and sticks are involved.



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