How to Fix “Could not Connect to Repository” Kodi Error


If you are using Kodi then, I am sure that you have seen “Could Not Connect Repository Kodi Error” as this is the most reported error by the Kodi users and very annoying while watching any show or movies. But by going through this guide, you will be able to fix the issue. So before going to the error fixes lets see a little about this error then, we will go straight to the steps!

Could not connect to repository

Why do we get this error?

Could Not Connect Repository Kodi Error is due to the improper link between your Kodi and repository servers.

Steps To Fix “Could Not Connect Repository” Kodi Error

  • Check your internet connection

You guys might find it silly but always make sure the internet connection works fine, so check your router for internet connectivity and ensure that your device runs Kodi has an active internet connection.

  • Check Weather Repo is Down

After checking the internet connectivity of your Kodi also there will be an issue of the repo. So you have to enter the repo URL in the browser, and if you see the index of the repo then, its working fine but, if you see 404 errors, Page Not Found Error then there is a problem with the repo. But you can resolve repo issue as repo may be temporarily down or under maintenance, so wait for some time. However, for every add-on, there are many alternate repositories so download them.

  • Check the Source

Kodi has an active internet connection, and repo is working fine but, it shows Could not Connect Repository Error then for sure, there might be a problem in the source. Most of the time an invalid URL will cause Kodi can’t connect to the repository, so you need to check the source. Always remember to enter the correct repository URL so change it and try again.

  • Update your Kodi

If the error doesn’t go away then, the Kodi can’t establish a proper link to repository servers and while downloading the progress is beyond 0%. Thus that means the connection is timed out soon because of the enormous traffic in servers. So, you need to wait for some time and try again then try updating Kodi too but, if you’re using the outdated version of Kodi, then it can’t read the information files in the repository. So you must try updating your Kodi and try again.

  • Network settings

If you’re reading still then, the problem is not solved yet which means that there is a problem with your Kodi. So, you must change the network settings to resolve the issue. First, go to settings/gear icon then select system settings and Internet access but make sure that the Internet connection/bandwidth limitation option is turned OFF. And sometimes due to frequent usage, your IP address may be blacklisted so, you must use proxy servers. Merely turn ON Use Proxy server option and enter any Proxy server then restart your Kodi to apply these settings.

So by this will resolve could not connect to repository Kodi error and I hope that you will find the article informative. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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