Fix Kodi Stream Authorization Error


While using Kodi, the users face the problem of a pop-up window saying there is an authorization problem. The streaming is disrupted which is enough to cause you irritation while you are settled to watch movies peacefully in the evening. You should know how this Kodi streaming works, to understand the issue with this disturbance.

How the content streams:

Kodi, the open-source, media streaming software avails all kinds of on-demand content that are available online to your Android device for free. The content is hosted on some remote servers and with the help of Kodi, you get to watch them via internet connection. To access these remote servers, you need scrapers, which will work through these public or private servers. The addons of Kodi work as the scrapers to show you the programs. Sometimes the addon comes with multiple scrapers and thus that one can provide you with various ranges of programs.

Why the error happens?

When you try to watch the programs through the provider’s server, the traffic through the server increases, and you validate your machine’s IP. This is required as without this, the provider will not be able to prevent disordered traffic to the site.

There are few pairing sites that work to pair the site with the IP addresses. is one such site which authorizes the streaming. There are two sites for this provider, namely, and These sites ask you to authorize the IP when there is too much traffic or you are in some location where the program you wish to see is restricted.  After validation, the streaming is enabled for four hours and then it will again ask for the authorization.

Fixing the pairing issue:

As we see various programs through Kodi, we know that this is an illegal operation. You can get caught under the copyright issue by watching the programs from your ISP. Using a good VPN is recommended to sort this out.

Method 1: Direct authorization

The message that you will receive through the pop-up window can be put into the web browser after opening it.

  • If you are seeing that the site is still blocked, then click on the Activate Streaming. You will see the message Your IP has been authenticated for 4 hours.
Enter the provided URL
  • You can be asked to put a captcha before you proceed with to activate streaming button.
Activate Streaming

Method 2: Disabling hosters with captcha

  • You can right-click on the addon to go to the settings of it.
  • You will go to the Playback menu and there you will find hosters with captcha option. You have to disable it.
Disable hosters with captcha

This way you will disable the hosters with captcha. But you need to repeat the process for every single program you wish to watch.

Method 3: Configuring URL resolver

You can apply the captcha with hoster process for two to three addons. But when you have multiple video addons on your device, you need to access multiple servers, for which you need to work with captcha which is a tiresome job. So you can filter and resolve the URL resolver to point to the original server. With this process you can block some provider’s site. Also this need to be done once only.

  • Go to the settings and open system settings. Now mode should be changed to Expert Mode.
Kodi Settings
  • Now you will go to the addon menu and from there you need to select Manage Dependencies.
Kodi manage dependencies
  • Now you can select URL Resolver and then select Configure.
Kodi URL Resolver
Kodi URL Resolver Configure
  • You will see all the hosters that are available under the Resolvers 1 to Resolvers #. (# means the number of sites that have now come under the hosters).
Kodi hosters
  • Select as many hoster with captcha and disable them.
Kodi hosters disabled


We hope by applying the methods you will be securely solving the issue and enjoy programs through Kodi addons from any corner of the world successfully.



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