Fix Venom Kodi Addon Not Working


Venom is a very popular TV and shows addon that works outstandingly on all the devices including the Amazon TV firestick 4K. Also, the Venom addon has an autoplay feature that helps in automatically select a source of high quality for viewing pleasure. Venom addon is the best Kodi addon but sometimes it fails to work on Kodi.

So we will discuss today how to resolve the issue of Venom addon on Kodi.

Fix Venom Kodi Addon Not Working

Venom Kodi Addon Problems and their Solutions:

1. Venom addon buffering problem for Kodi

The venom addon is not able to buffer the videos or the buffering is slow so we can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You can use Real-Debrid to find better quality links.
  • You can also use a VPN in order to stabilize the internet connection and you can access the geo-restricted content.

2. Venom addon has stopped suddenly or it is crashing again and again

 For solving this issue you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The reason for suddenly crashing of the Venom addon or it has stopped working is the cache data and you have to clear it.
  • You have to open Kodi and then have to launch Venom.
  • Now after that go to the tools and then the cache functions.
  • Now there will be an option of Clear all cache you can click on this option without any hesitation.
  • After this, all the caches will be cleared and your Venom addon will start working normally and you can enjoy it on Kodi.

3. The update issue stops the Venom addon from working properly

The following steps need to be followed to update the Venom addon on Kodi:

  • First of all search for the Venom icon in Kodi and then right-click on it.
  • There will appear a dropdown menu and you will find many options on that list.
  • Now you have to click on the update option and check for the new updates, whether they are available or not.
  • If they are available click on the update that you want to apply and confirm the option.
  • No, after the update is completed the Venom addon will again start working properly on the Kodi and you can enjoy your favorite videos without any issue.

4. If Kodi is not updated then also the Venom addon does not work properly

The following steps need to be followed in order to update the Kodi app and enjoy the Venom addon without nay glitch:-

  • First of all, open the Kodi app and check whether there are any updates present by right-clicking on the Kodi icon.
  • You will see whether the update is available or not and if it is available then you will download the latest update of the Kodi app.
  • After downloading this update on to your device then open the Kodi and check for the venom addon and start opening it and check whether it is working properly or not.
  • Venom addon will open normally as it does and the sudden stopping of the app will not occur and now you can enjoy your most loved videos and that too on high quality with the Venom addon.


The steps that are mentioned above for resolving the issue of the Venom addon for not working on Kodi are easy to understand and follow. You have to just identify the issue due to which your Venom addon has stopped working and then follow the steps that are needed to rectify the problem.

Also, it is recommended to use VPN services in order to protect your digital privacy and can even make you invisible online.



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