How to Fix “Web Request Failed” Kodi Error


If you’re trying to access live streams in Kodi but see the Web Request Failed Kodi error and don’t have any clue about it then, read the guide on how to fix your issues? There are other issues also users face such as sportsdevil web request failed which also will be covered in this guide here.

Web Request Failed Kodi Error

Fix “Web Request Failed” Kodi Error

Method 1: Enable RTMP in Kodi Web Request Failed Kodi Error Fix

The problem arises due to the traffic and users can’t do anything but, you can try accessing it from a different IP using IPVanish and check the internet connectivity on the router or other networking devices and make sure you have the proper internet connectivity. So following are the steps

  1. On the main menu of Kodi click on the Add-ons and if you’re using a skin or build then, you should go to the Settings and Add-ons.
  2. Now click on My Add-ons then go into the video player InputStream section.
  3. After that, you have to click on the RTMP Input option then click on the  Enable.
  4. Now, you have to click on InputStream Adaptive then click on the Enable.
  5. After that, you have to restart your Kodi.
  6. Now try to enable RTMP in Kodi then see if this fixes your Kodi streaming issues or not.

One of the simplest methods available to fix the web request failed Kodi error, so I hope you can stream live video from your favourite Kodi addons.

Method 2: Reinstalling the add-on

Due to the Kodi web request failed error there are various request failures pop up now which may happen due to the corruption of the add-ons and the improper installation of the add-ons as well. SportsDevil is an add-on which may be corrupted and cause the error message to pop-up, but a problem will solve by uninstalling the current SportsDevil add-on and installing it again. So following are the steps.

  1. First, go to the settings and click on My Add-ons.
  2. After that, you have to select SportsDevil and click uninstall.
  3. Now, you have to install it, so go to the add-on then click on the SportsDevil add-on and it will reinstall the add-on.

I hope that it will solve your problem. The solution may be feasible and worth a try if you see that the error SportsDevil Web Request Failed is popping up frequently.

Method 3: Use VPN

Now this one is rare for web request failed Kodi solution but, it is worth a try as most of the Kodi users use VPNs to stream sports so this must be a common occurrence. However, in every country, there is a law that forbids streaming of sports or content in the third-party, and sadly ISP of the network would block the streaming content of the SportsDevil which makes the availability of the content streams, unavailable and makes the error of SportsDevil Web Request Failed on the device. So you can solve the problem by using a VPN service and most of the users like Vanish VPN for Kodi.


So this was the simple methods for fixing the web request failed Kodi error I hope that this article is informative and useful. You can ask your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. And if you like this article then please share. Thank you!



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