How to Fix YouTube Quota Limit Exceeded Error on Kodi


Kodi app users face Youtube Quota Limit Exceeded while trying to watch videos on YouTube through the Kodi app. Here we are to tell you how you could fix this error if you are facing the same problem.

Before we start to Fix YouTube Quota Limit Exceeded Error on Kodi, You should know a few things about hot youtube works on Kodi.


Youtube Add-on –

Like any other add-on, Youtube add-on allows users to enjoy stuff from its host. Through Youtube add-on, you can watch all content from Youtube host.

Youtube add-on also works as a Dependency plugging; Other add-ons use Youtube add-on to stream various entertainment content.

Youtube API Key –

Youtube add-on uses a programming interface the Youtube API Key to work. This is the real key for Youtube add-on to perform, it’s mean without Youtube API Key you cannot do anything with Youtube add-on

What is the Quota –

The quota is the Keys which Youtube add-on gets after it got installed. Keys means the Youtube API Key. The Keys are limited generally 5-6, and you use it to its limitation the add-on shows the error that you have to use the limited Quota.

Fix YouTube Quota Limit Exceeded Error on Kodi

You can fix it by changing the default Youtube API Key Number. To do this follow the below steps –

  • Go to the add-ons From the left side menu on the home page of the Kodi app.
  • Now select the Video Add-ons
  • Now select Youtube add-on
  • Now Go to the settings
  • Now select Youtube box
  • Now select API and change the number. You can assign any number.
  • Now try to run Youtube add-on the error would be fixed

Creating Personal Youtube API Key

There is another way to fix this issue. You can create your personal Youtube API Key and fix the problem. Follow the below steps to make –

  • Browse the link –
  • Select a Project from the upper left side
  • You will see a pop-up box. Select Create Project
  • Now assign a Name in the Project name.
  • Now you will get the project id, it is your API Id. keep it safe.
  • Now click on Create
  • Go back to the API page
  • Under the library, you will find Youtube Data API, click on it.
  • Click on the select project from the next page.
  • Now click on Select
  • Now select API Key you have created
  • Now enable the Youtube data API VE from the main API page
  • Now click on create credentials
  • Select your device from the next page and select public data
  •  Click on What credentials do I need
  • Now you will get your API Key, click on Done.
  • Now open the Youtube add-on
  • Go to the setting
  • Now select API and enable personal API keys
  • Now enter the new personal youtube API key and API Id and click on ok

Now you have increased your quota and fix the error.



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