How to get back to Kodi Home Screen from a Build


Builds eliminate the monotonous task of installing each add-on individually so this is the reason users of Kodi have begun installing the builds. You can consider that Kodi builds extraordinary compared to other add-ons, repositories and the customized skin that you can install by a straightforward single click. In some case, numerous users have encountered the resource-intensive issue by using the builds which implies that it truly doesn’t work pleasantly underpowered Kodi boxes. When the users had begun to use this Kodi this one question arises how to get back to Kodi home screen from a build. By following the process you will be able to get back to your home screen.


How to get back to Kodi Home Screen from a Build

  • The very first thing is to change the skin to open the skin of any build you have and then scroll to the main menu.
  • And from there you will find the system so click on it and then scroll down the interface it doesn’t matter which build you have the templates is always same for every build once you find it then click on it.
  • Once you get the skin, it will be in xonfluence so you need to scroll right and then click on that and scroll up then you will see the Estuary skin by Phill 65 it is the default skin so click on it.
  • It will ask the confirmation saying would you like to keep this change then simply click on the yes.
  • After that, you will be back on the main Kodi default skin.
  • So now you need to get back to the setting/interface of Kodi then you will be on the skin of the Kodi.
  • From the Skin just click on it and then you will see the menu appear on the screen.
  • Now scroll it down back to the xonfluence click it again it will ask “Keep skin” so you should click over to the left yes.
  • Then you will be back to the build or the original skin.
  • Way to Removing and Deleting without going to the Amazon Setting.
  • Scroll to the main menu and scrolling down you will get the programs to click on it then you will find the Aries wizard on top.
  • Once you click on the Aries Wizard it will start to downloading/extracting/installing.
  • When it is done then you see” more” click on it scroll down then you will find the erase data/fresh start once you click on it then confirmation will appear so click on yes.
  • Then you will see the options like media, favourite and file manager, if you select this option it will prevent it from lost and add-ons.
  • Otherwise, you can delete it all and start new.
  • It might take more than a minute so wait till then.
  • After that, you will the message that “Kodi needs to be closed” click on ok.
  • Now restart the Kodi and then you will be back to the original default Kodi.

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