How to Choose the Best VPN in 2019 – Must Have These 7 Features


VPN or virtual private network is a must for all the net users as these days the protocol regarding websites are so many. Using a good VPN saves you from quite a few risky situations and also enables you to enjoy the net entertainment undisruptive. The online market is flooded with many VPN services. So it is important to choose a good VPN for your device which will be thoroughly compatible and provides you with the best result.


How VPN is useful

  • The users who wish to see the content from all the countries and all the sites need to take help of VPN. Apps like Netflix and Amazon prime can be searched and the latest movies and shows can be watched through the use of VPN. With its help, you can unblock these streaming services while not disclosing your identity to the Government and thus enjoying the shows abundantly.
  • For Kodi users, VPN is most useful, as Kodi is an app while lets you see the blocked sites and for that, you must hide your identity to the net world. Kodi also lets you play online games which are restricted to certain countries, and you can easily play them if you are using a good VPN for your device.
  • VPN helps you to move away from the hurdles of censorship. Due to certain reasons, many websites are blocked for different countries, and not all of them are entertainment-based. Wikipedia, some news sites and social media sites are blocked for countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Iran etc. The people living there have every right to use those restricted sites, and they can do so by using a VPN.
  • As people understand the importance of VPN more and more, the VPN users are increasing day by day. VPN is not only important for breaking the geo-restriction, but it also ensures the protection of sensitive data that we need to put to the internet. Being anonymous online helps you in many ways and also hides the actual location of your mobile phone, laptop or PC. In the age of cybercrime, we must take extra caution while putting their personal information and data into the internet.

Why you need the VPN

Think of all the below-mentioned reasons and that will help you decide which VPN will suit your need.

  • If you travel a lot for work purpose or other reasons, then you need a VPN for your devices. Using a VPN helps you connect to the public network as and when required. You can be assured that your data will not be open to others due to your access to a public network. Though you may face a bit of problem in countries where using VPN is illegal, but vendors always come up with some alternate systems so you need to be informed beforehand.
  • If you stay in a country or place where the restrictions are the most, like it was mentioned earlier, then you need a VPN badly to be in touch with the rest of the world. Then the VPN you use must be with strong encryption as the security will be hard.
  • If your work involves research and data analysis, then you need a VPN to avoid Govt. filtering. The sensitive data and information may put you behind the bar if you are not using any protection to hide your IP address.

7 features to choose the best VPN

By now, if you are convinced that you need a VPN, then we can probe into the characteristics of a VPN which must be present in your VPN service.

  1. VPNs are used to encrypt the connection and the encryption should be strong enough to make your data and identity secure. Providers of PPTP support cannot guarantee high-level protection, so you must check if your VPN possess OpenVPN protocol, which by now is the most secure one.
  2. No-logs policy is a must for any VPN service, but unfortunately, the free VPN services do not bother about this. Using a VPN means you are hiding your information from the internet, but the VPN can grab these details, as it can check all the data. If the VPN stores your information and sells it to some third-party then your security is at high risk. So for the sake of your security, you must invest in a safe and paid VPN service.
  3. Due to traffic encryption, the net connection speed decreases to a certain extent, but good VPN providers check this problem and ensure the best possible speed for the users.
  4. You must check the number of servers which are covered by the VPN you are selecting, as the VPN with wider server list will ensure less-dropped service, and it will also enable you a greater speed if you are near to your geographic location.
  5. Your VPN connection must work equally well not only on your laptop or mobile but also the Kodi, gaming console and firestick. In today’s time, our internet usage is not limited to conventional gadgets but to the other above-mentioned devices as well, and all these items need VPN protection.
  6. Cost is not to be ignored as well. Free VPNs are not safe for security reasons but do not be assured of the paid VPNs, as not all of them work well and are economic. Go for the yearly plan if your budget does not restrict you, as that will save a few bucks while ensuring good service throughout the year. Also check the VPN providers that offer a money-back guarantee within 7 days to 30 days of the trial period, this way you will be sure of the compatibility and efficiency of your VPN.
  7. Setting up a VPN connection to your gadget may sound easy, but you may face quite a few glitches. So you should make sure that the customer-support of the VPN service is accessible and dedicated. Just emailing or ticket number does not prove to be the most effective support system, as you need to talk to some customer –care person who will help you then and there.

May your VPN using experience be successful and hurdle-free, and you enjoy your internet connection smoothly.



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