How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues


Kodi users are facing the buffering problem nowadays more often which is quite irritating at times. Kodi allows you to play the high-end game and watch HD shows and movies, and if you are hassled in-between, then you must pay attention to the problem and sort it out.

A few issues can cause the buffering but streaming add-ons not always come to help. We will discuss them below.


The reasons for Kodi buffering

  • Kodi works with high-speed internet, and if the data connection is slow, it will buffer. Also if the internet service provider is throttling the connection speed or the network does not connect smoothly or gets broken often, the buffering will happen. Using a VPN is always suggested while using Kodi.
  • Streaming programmes require high bandwidth. If the bandwidth is limited the connection will suffer.
  • If Kodi cache gets piled up, it will slow down the process or the device.

Using third-party add-ons means you will suffer due to buffering for any other apps. Those can be illegal ones or the fully legal ones.

Techniques to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues

With the below-mentioned techniques you can try to fix the issue:

  • If the speed of your data connection is slow then Kodi will get glitches. It will happen more so if there is more than one user using a single Kodi streaming source. The buffering will increase with the numbers of users. So if it is unavoidable to use the single streaming source, then at least make sure to have 5 Mbps connection of data to stream content via Kodi. Connection with lower than this speed with creates problem while streaming HD content.
  • If your internet connection is the same or more than 5 Mbps then you should follow the below steps to solve this problem of buffering.
  • Check the internet connection by moving the device closer to your router. It has been often seen that if the distance between the router and device is more, then the connection gets weaker and thus, Kodi add on buffers.
  • Sometimes the wireless internet connection does not provide enough strength, so you can check that by using a wired connection. When the devices are too far from the router, then using a wired connection will solve the buffering problem.
  • When one device has Kodi installed on it, connect it solely to the internet connection. Disconnect other devices which are not having Kodi, as that will help this device to use the internet connection with its full strength.
  • If the problem is not related to weak internet connection then you must think of video cache which gathers o the device if it has Kodi on it. Consider the following steps to sort the matter.
  • Quite a few wizards are available online which can arrange the cache settings of the device. Download and use that device to clear the cache, and then adjust your device. Most likely your device will work faster and the connection will get stronger after this.
  • Cache is an intermediate storage junction where the part of the video that is playing on your device is stored, and if your internet connection drops, the part which is there in the cache will play till the end. The size of the cache is determined in RAM, and you can change the settings if you wish to increase or decrease it. The preferable cache size is 500 MB but that differs with the RAM size of your device. Kodi provides you with the solution for optimizing cache settings.
  • You can check the HQ scaler from Kodi settings of your device to prevent buffering. Kodi adjusts the lower quality videos with the high definition visual and that is done by video scaling. You can fix this by going to the settings, and then the player setting of Kodi menu. In the page, you will find “expert” button at the lower-left corner. Enable it to see the “Enable HQ scaler for scaling above” option. This usually is set at 20% but you can lower it so the buffering occurs lesser than before. Try to lessen it by making it 10% and see the result.
  • Below HQ scalers option, you will find “turn off hardware acceleration” which also can help to deceases the buffering issue. This option is there for video decoding from CPU to GPU, and by turning it off you may see great result in viewing your programmes hassle-free.

Not all the devices are Kodi-ready, so if you have tried all the tactics and yet are facing the buffering problem, consider a device with high RAM and more storage. That will help you in experience Kodi easily and comfortably.



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