How to Get Sling TV on FireStick


Watching television is the by now the oldest and most comfortable method of relaxing, and since the era of cable network has begun, we are glued to our TV sets during our free hours. Cable networks do cost us havoc. Subscription for each and every package is getting pricier and we are forced to pay the amount since we are dedicated customers.

So if one needs his daily dose of entertainment without paying a fat sum, is there any option (other than paying for the apps to watch programmes on a mobile phone)? Well Sling TV is your answer. Playing this device through your firestick may solve your problem of undisturbed TV watching session without being too lavish on your budget.


Why Sling TV?

Sling TV does not require a particular set up or bind you in a contract which you must agree with for a certain time period. You can freely watch your favourite channels and Live TV shows as well as random on-demand programmes.

How does it work?

This app actually works directly through the satellite channels. It needs a few devices and a minimal cost, which is much cheaper than the package amount you pay for your monthly subscription of the cable package.

How to install Sling TV using Firestick

  • You can check the Sling TV app in the Amazon store where you will be able to download and install the Sling TV app.
  • Now you can open the Firestick on your TV set, and you will find the search icon at the top left of the screen.
  • Type Sling TV using the keypad shown on your screen, and before you finish typing the whole name, the suggestions will appear. Select the word with remote and click.
  • The next screen will appear with the word Sling TV, click on it.
  • You can now download and Sling TV on FireStick. It will take a few minutes to complete the process.
  • After installation is finished, “open” button will appear on the screen, you can click on it to open Sling TV now or later you can open it from the apps list.
  • The process is completed and now you can watch Sling TV by FireStick.

How you can use Sling TV via Amazon FireStick

  • You can install and launch the Sling TV in your Fire TV by following the usual process.
  • Now find the “sign in” button at the bottom right corner of the home screen.
  • Put the necessary details like your mailing address and password as required by the next page for sign up.
  • Now the home screen of Sling TV will appear on Fire Stick.
  • Select the channels of your choice under the option “My TV” which will be shown at the top bar. Get help from the channel recommendations appearing below the top bar.
  • You can find the “On Now” button just beside “My TV”, which will enable you to see which programmes are being telecasted just then. The programmes have shown there will be playing via Satellite channels. There are various categories of programmes like sports, adventure, wildlife or lifestyle.
  • The next button of “On Now” is “Guide” which will show you the programmes with the timeline. There will be programmes which are currently playing as well as the next one.
  • There is good news for the Sports lovers, as Sling TV provides a separate sports section where you can pick your choicest games like Hockey, Baseball or Basketball and so on.

Issues in Sling TV

The picture quality is obviously supreme. There are minor glitches with Sling TV while playing it via Firestick as mentioned by the users. A common problem mentioned by them is a blackout in the middle of a video. If you have a strong and fast net connection, then you can reboot Firestick to solve the matter, or else uninstall and reinstall the Sling TV app, and hopefully, you will not face this problem again.

Sling TV is a great way to entertainment and thus you can surely give it a try. This is a modern method of watching Live programmes via the internet connected device. Watching programmes on TV becomes cheaper and more entertaining when you use Sling TV via FireStick. You are paying a small amount for a whole range of TV channels and if you pay a bit more, for the premium channels, you are getting some special deals as well.



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