How to Install CKayTV on Firestick


There aren’t that many options for us when it comes to watching live TV on FireStick. A short while ago, I discovered CKayTV. I decided to write an installation guide, after using it for some time. It’s a big collection of live-TV channels from across the world and that’s what I like about this app. You can watch live news, shows, films, children, lifestyle, music, and more on various channels and content.

CKayTV is not hosted on the Amazon App Store as you might have expected. It is a third-party application and those applications should be sideloaded to FireStick. Sideloading consists of two main parts: Downloading the CKayTV APK on FireStick and then Installing the CKayTV APK on FireStick. But first of all let us address two major requirements: allowing applications from Unknown Sources to download and install the side-loading app Downloader from third-party APK installations.

To prevent users from downloading third-party apps, FireStick maintains this setting by default, enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

  1. This is how to Turn on your FireStick and TV. When FireStick home screen is being loaded, browse the top menu bar and choose Settings.
  2. Click on Device from the options set which are in the following window.
  3. Click on Developer Options.
  4. Now go ahead. Now click Apps and change them to ON from Unknown Sources.
  5. If you see the following prompt warning of the effects of installing applications from unknown sources, click Enable. This is not a concern for us, however, since CKayTV is a secure, reliable app.

For security reasons, you can not use a direct APK link in a web browser and download an APK file on your FireStick device. Download: the Sideloading app for security reasons. So it’s an app which helps you load sideways. The best FireStick side – loading app is probably the downloader.

Install Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • Open the application for Downloader. Please note the Home option is already selected on the left side of the app. There’s a URL field on the right. On the right. Click on this field. Click this field.

Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • Type the following CkayTV APK file source URL:http:/ Hit GO when typing is done.

Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • You will now begin to find the CKayTV APK on the source provided by the downloader. Downloading the file takes about a minute or two.

Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • Wait until you finish downloading. The following window will be shown as soon as CKayTV APK has been downloaded. So the process of installation has begun. Continue, and click Install.

Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • You just have to wait until the app is installed. It should be only a minute. When the installation is complete, an installed notification must appear.
  • To run the CKayTV application right outside this screen, go and click Open. Click Open. I’d go to the Downloader App by clicking Done. One important thing remains to be done.

Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • Click the Delete button on this prompt again on the Downloader app.8.

Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • Click Delete again. This removes the CKayTV APK from the FireStick storage. The app was installed so that this file and block space was not maintained. That’s everything you had to do. You installed the CKayTV App on Firestick successfully.

Ckay TV APK on FireStick

  • You have learnt how to install CKayTV on FireStick via the downloader app. You can download it via FireStick. All FireStick devices work fine on this app. However, in the case of Downloader does not work for any reason, I’ll also show you how the CKayTV install with ES File Explorer is possible.
  • Go forward and set up the Amazon Store’s ES File Explorer. You simply need to search for the ES File Explorer application in your FireStick home screen.
  • After the ES File Explorer has been installed, take the following steps: Open ES File Explorer and, to the left, click the Tools option.
  • Then click the + New on the right side of the screen, on the bottom of the screen. Enter the http:/ URL in Path Enter the ckayTV name (you may enter a name that you like) This’s how you want your screen to look like Click Download Now Waits for the downloading of a Clay TV apk to FireStick.
  • When the download is done, click Open file Next. Click Open to run the app when this window appears. To open the app later, click Done.
  • The section called your apps and channels where you can find all the apps you have installed has been named how Fire TV or stick FireStick access CKayTV.
  • You need to know some apps are displayed on the home screen of FireStick too, but not all. The home screen only displays apps in the top rows of your apps and channels. Recently installed apps are placed in the lower row in this section.
  • To access all of the apps you can do this: Press the Home button of the Amazon FireStick remotely and hold it down for a number of seconds A new window is added with the list of apps scrolling down to the bottom row, and you will find CKayTV. Clicking Apps will appear.

You can, therefore, access your newly installed apps on FireStick, including CkayTV. You can also move the app from the home screen to the top row. Press the remote menu key and click Move in the lower right side of the TV.

That’s it. Hope you liked this article. Please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comment section.



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