How to Install Kodi on Raspbian Jessie


Raspbian is a computer operating system for Raspberry Pi. This is a Debian based operating system that has many versions like Raspbian Buster and Raspbian Stretch.

Created by Mike Thompson and Peter Green the Raspbian got completed in 2012. Raspbian Jessie is the latest version of it which got the name on a character from the film “Toy Story”.

Raspberry is a good option for Kodi lovers. Kodi, you would know, the video streaming application, which allows you to watch movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports and much more entertainment stuff right on your Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices for free.


Kodi on Raspbian –

Kodi is a free online video streaming application that runs on Android, ios, mac, and windows.

Kodi can also work on Raspbian devices with Raspberry Jessie, Raspberry Pi 1, Pi 2 Pi 3 and above version. To have Kodi on Raspbian Jessie, first, you need to install Raspbian Jessie on your Raspberry Pi device.

Install Raspberry Jessie on Raspbian Pi –

Raspbian Jessie is a Linux operating system that supports the Raspberry Pi or we can say this is the official os for Raspbian Pi.

You will require these things before installing Raspberry Jessie on Pi –

  • Pi 2 or the latest version of Raspberry
  • Micro USB Charger for raspberry pi
  • Micro SD card – 4 GB
  • Display screen
  • Card reader
  • Laptop
  • Wifi or Internet connection.

There are two methods for the installation –

  1. You can install by downloading the Raspbian Jessie Image file
  2. You can use NOOBS to install

If you go with the first option then you will require some additional things –

  • Raspbian Jessie Image file
  • Image writing software

1. Installing Raspbian Jessie by Image file –

  • Connect the micro SD card to your pc or laptop with a card reader
  • Now visit the official website for Respbian Jessie image file
  • Download the file
  • Now copy this file into a micro SD card. You can use any software like win32diskmanager to copy.
  • After completion, the copying connect the SD Card with Raspberry pi device
  • Now boot your pi device it will take some time to boot. Now you would have Respbian Jessie on you Raspberry pi.

2. Installing Respbian Jessie by NOOBS –

NOOBS is the easier way for a beginner, this is a software tool you can download from the official website on your sd card.

  • First, download the NOOBS on your sd card
  • Connect the sd card with Raspberry pi device
  • Now boot your pi device
  • On the very first screen, you will see many operating system options to boot with, you have to select the Respbian option.
  • As you select NOOBS to start the downloading process.
  • After completing the process you would have Respbian Jessie on your Raspberry pi device.

Install Kodi on Respbian Jessie –

  • Now your have Respbian Jessie on Raspberry pi device.
  • Now go to the Menu
  • Now select Preferences
  • Now Click on Raspberry Pi Configuration
  • Now click on Expand file system
  • Now you will have to select different GPU tabs. For Pi 1 select 128 and for Pi 2 and 3 select 256 GPU. Now select on Yes. The system gets a reboot.
  • Make sure you are connected with the internet
  • After rebooting go to the Terminal icon in the top of the screen
  • Now type “Audio apt-get install Kodi”, and click on enter.
  • Now the installation process of Kodi will start.
  • After the installation, you will Kodi on your Resobian Jessie to enjoy.



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