How to Install and Set Up Trakt on Kodi


Trakt is a platform which monitors TV shows, movies that you are watching and syncs with your tract account. This process of keeping track of content that you are watching is called as ‘scrobbling’. Trakt helps to find new content based on your watch history and enables to create your own watchlist.

Trakt has the ability to integrate with multiple platforms like Kodi, Netflix, Cyberflix, Plex and many more. Let’s see how to install Trakt on Kodi.
Kodi is an open-source media player software application which has become very popular. People can watch TV shows, movies, sports, Live TV and much more for free using Kodi! Trakt offers two options. One is a free version with standard features and another is paid version ( $2.50 / month) with VIP features.


How to Install Trakt on Kodi

Prior to installing Trakt on Kodi, the user must create a Trakt account. Go to official website and sign-up by entering all the details required. After completing sign-up, Trakt provides several options to personalise your account. You can choose your favourite genres from the list, can create your own watch list, can choose whether you like to share your activities in social media.You can also see salts kodi

Once you successfully create Trakt account, you can install Trakt on Kodi by following the below steps.
Step 1: Open Kodi player on your device. Go to ‘Add-ons’ option on the home screen of
Kodi player.

Step 2: A new screen will appear now. Here, click on ‘package installer’ option at the top Left. (If you have installed third-party repositories, follow step 3. Otherwise, jump to step 4)

Step 3: List of options will appear now. Here, choose ‘Install from repository’. Next, select ‘Kodi Add-on repository‘ among the several options in a new window.

Step 4: Now, you can see a list of options on the screen. Click on ‘Program add-ons’.

Step 5: On a new window, scroll down and select ‘Trakt’ and click on ‘install’ option.

Step 6: Now, you have to wait until the installation process completes. Once installation
completes, ‘Trakt add-on installed’ notification will appear on the top of the screen.
This completes the Trakt installation on Kodi. Now, you can see ‘Trakt’ listed under program add-ons.

How to Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Now, let’s see how to configure the Trakt add-on on Kodi.
• Open Kodi Player. Go to Add-ons>My add-ons>Program add-ons>Trakt
• Then click on the ‘configure’ option under ‘Trakt’.
• Now, ‘settings- Trakt’ window will appear.
• Go to ‘General’ tab and click on “How do I authorize the Trakt add-on to access my account? “
• Now, you can see a ‘Trakt Account Authorisation’ pop-up with a QR scan code and activation code. Using either of this, integrate Trakt to Kodi.
User can also authorize Trakt on each Kodi add-on individually by following below steps
• Open Kodi on your device and go to Add-ons>My add-ons>Video add-ons
• Choose a Video add-on you like to integrate with Trakt (Make sure that add-on you choose supports Trakt)
• On the next window, click on the ‘configure’ option and go to the ‘Accounts‘
• Now click on ‘Authorisation‘.
• A dialogue box will appear which asks you to visit ‘’ and enter the provided code.
• Complete this as instructed. Now you can see your Trakt account name in Trakt section.
Trakt will run in the background , sync your activities and suggest movies and TV shows according to your watching habit!
This is how people can install and configure Trakt on Kodi and enjoy their favourite TV shows, Movies during leisure time!


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