How to Install TeaTV on FireStick


I liked the TeatTV app when I first came across but didn’t pay much attention to it. I was 100% happy with Terrarium TV and therefore did not want to have anything to do with any other option. However, I’ve been hearing from online forums about TeaTV all that time.

While TeaTV worked on Android smartphones, it wasn’t exactly very remote-friendly with FireStick. This is one of the most likely reasons that I haven’t adhered to it. When I learned a couple of days ago that Terrarium TV was going bust, I started looking for alternatives straight away. It wasn’t long for me to remember TeaTV and I’m happy that I did.

TeaTV on FireStick:

Tea TV is a third-party application. It is not on the Amazon store. It needs to be sideloaded to your FireStick. Unfortunately, FireStick does not allow you to download the app APKs directly from popular browsers, unlike ordinary Android mobiles or tablets. FireStick sideloading needs special applications. The two applications that are used in this guide are:

  • ES File Explorer
  • Downloader.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

I will proceed with the installation process. But before that, FireStick needs to allow third-party apps to be accepted by turning on Apps from Unknown Sources. You need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Home Screen Settings (top menu bar) of the FireStick
  2. Click My Fire TV or Device respectively.
  3. Open Developer Options.
  4. If Apps from Unknown Sources is disabled or off, switch them ON by clicking it.
  5. Click Turn on to ignore and confirm this warning message. When you turn on Unknown Sources, your device will only be exposed to threats when you try to sideload a bad APK. The Tea TV APK source I have shared with you is secure.

Install Tea TV on FireStick Using Downloader

To install Tea TV on FireStick, there is an app called Downloader which will help you to sideload on the FireStick. I see this as one of the essential FireStick products and as one of the first apps, I install during my device setup.

  • Go to your home-screen FireStick to download this app.
  • Select Search in the upper left corner of the home screen.
  • Search the app now and install it.

Follow the below steps once the app is installed:

Step1: Run Downloader and click on the URL field on your home screen to the right (the app opens with the default left-hand home tab).

teatv on firestick

Step 2: Type in the following URL when the onscreen keyboard is being displayed and click on GO:


teatv on firestick

Step 3: the server URL is being linked to by a download of the TeaTV APK on FireStick.

teatv on firestick

Step 4: The Downloader app initiates the installation after you finish the download. Now you should see the following prompt to confirm whether you want TeaTV on FireStick installed.

The Next button can be seen on the bottom right corner. Use your FireStick remote o navigate to this button.

install teatv apk on firestick

Step 5: Next button changes into the Install button. So, now click Install.

install teatv on fire tv stick

Step 6: The installation of TeaTV on FireStick takes a few moments. If done, TeaTV’s installed confirmation app displays the following window.

TeaTV is installed. If you want, you can click Open on the bottom right corner and run it. However, I suggest click Done to return to the Downloader app and remove the TeaTV APK.

Why remove APK? APK is useless after the app is installed. Remove unnecessary files from FireStick storage.

firestick teatv guide

Step 7: Click Delete.

firestick teatv app

Step 8: Click Delete again.

install teatv on firestick

TeaTV on Fire TV Stick Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is another app commonly used as a FireStick side-loader. You can download this app from the Amazon Store. Search the FireStick home-screen for that in the Search option.

After installing ES File Explorer, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch ES File Explorer, after ES File Explorer, is installed. A menu bar with expandable options is displayed on the left. Click Tools to scroll down. To expand it by clicking. Click now on the first option Download Manager.

download teatv on firestick using es file explorer

Step 2: Next, turn right on ES Explorer and click the New button below.

teatv installation guide

Step 3: The following dialog box is required to be used in the following two fields:

  • Path
  • Name

teatv for firestick

Step 4: Enter the following in the above fields:

  • Path: https:/
  • Name: teatv

In fact, you may enter any name you like. Click Download Now.

download teatv for firestick

Step 5:  Now wait for the ES File Explorer to connect to the server and download the TeaTV APK on Fire TV Stick or Cube.

teatv apk

Step 6: If that is done, when prompted, click Open file.

teatv on fire tv stick and fire tv cube

Step 7: Next, click Install.

how to install teatv on firestick

Step 8: The installation prompt is now guided. Scroll down to the bottom right corner until the Next button changes into Install. Click Install to proceed.

get teatv for fire stick

It only takes a minute or two to wait for TeaTV to be installed by FireStick. When the app is installed, you will see a confirmation message.

Step 9: Click Open and run the application. To return to ES File Explorer, click Done.

tea tv firestick app



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