How to Install TVZion APK on Amazon Firestick (2019)


TVZion is one of the more recent Android on-demand applications that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in free media. This app allows you to use the interface simply and unbelievably easily. TVZion is 100% remote, making it a good choice for your FireStick. The app has a solid content library, offering free entertainment for hundreds of hours. TVZion lets you stream with one click, unlike many other on-demand apps. Usually, the list of links that you have to select does not display. Rather, it selects the healthiest link and immediately begins to play the content.

TVZion on Firestick: Installation Steps

Firestick allows you to download and install applications like TVZion from third parties. However, one security setting has to be modified for that. Apps such as TVZion are regarded as ‘third-party’ since they are not Amazon Store based.

You have to change the setting here:

  • Power up your FireStick or Fire TV device, navigate to the top menu bar from your home screen and select Settings.
  • Click My Fire TV or Device from the Settings options.
  • OpenĀ Developer Options.
  • Check if Apps from Unknown Sources is turned on or off (OFF). Turn it ON if it is disabled.
  • When the following message is displayed, Click Turn On once again.

tvzion on firestick

I’ll show you the step by step process to install TVZion on FireStick. All you need to do here is:

  • First, you have to install an app that sideloads third-party applications on FireStick. You need such an application because you can’t directly download APK files via a FireStick web browser.
  • I recommend Downloader, the best FireStick sideloading app I found.
  • It could be downloaded from The Amazon Store. Just open FireStick’s home screen search function and see for the app Downloader. You can download the Downloader in no time by following the instructions onscreen.

Now that the Downloader app is installed, follow these steps:

  • Go on and run the Downloader app. On the left sidebar of the app, click on the Home Tab. Click the URL field on the right to enter a source URL.

download tvzion apk on firestick

  • Type into the following URL and click on GO: https:/

tvzion firestick

  • The Downloader app will start connecting to the server indicated by the URL. When the connection is established, TVZion APK on FireStick will be downloaded by the app. Wait until you finish the download.

  • The installation is initiated directly by the Downloaders when the APK is downloaded. Then you see the next window.
  • Click the Install button.

how to install tvzion on fire tv stick

  • Now, just wait until the installation is completed. It should take a minute or two.
  • You are notified with a message stating that App is installed when a TVZion app is installed on FireStick. The Open button on the bottom right immediately starts the TVZion app. But we don’t want to do that yet.
  • Click Done.

how to get TVZion on firestick

  • You are now back to the interface of the Downloader app. You must see the prompt below.
  • Click Delete.

how to add TVZion on amazon fire tv stick

  • Click Delete again to finally delete the FireStick TVZion APK.

delete TVZion apk

  • TVZion on FireStick has been successfully installed.

So that’s all you have to do to install TV Zion APK on Amazon fire stick. Hope you liked the article. Leave your feedback in the comment section.



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