How to Install UKodi1 Build on Kodi 17.6 Krypton


Hey guys, in this guide I will demonstrate How to Install UKodi1 Build on Kodi 17.6 Krypton. As it consists of step by step process and the process mentioned here works with other devices such as FireStick, Android mobile devices, Windows PC. So here we go!

How to Install UKodi1 Build on Kodi 17.6 Krypton?

For installing any add-ons or third-party builds, you need to grant the Kodi the permission. But the security feature of Kodi will not let you do that by default. So you need to make some changes follow the steps down below.

  • First of all, you have to run Kodi and on the home screen of Kodi click on the Settings.
  • After that, click on the System settings and then select Add-ons on the left sidebar of the next window.
  • On the right, click the switch next to Unknown Sources, but you have to make sure that switch button is on the right, and Unknown Sources is enabled.
  • Now, you will get the warning message that says the third-party add-ons or builds can cause harm. But you don’t have to worry about it; it is nothing as Ukodi1 build for Kodi is safe and secure.

So by now, Kodi is all ready for installation of the Ukodi1 build. Now let’s see the three-part installation process. Here we go!

  1. Add Source to Kodi from where Ukodi1 wizard will be installed
  2. Install the Ukodi1 wizard add-on from the source
  3. Install Ukodi1 Kodi builds using the Ukodi1 wizard

1. Add Source to Kodi from where Ukodi1 wizard will be installed

  • You have to Launch Kodi and click Settings on the home screen of Kodi.

how to install UKodi1 Build

  • Then click on the File Manager.

UKodi1 Build installation guide

  • After that, click on the Add source option.

UKodi1 Builds

  • A window will appear, click on the None.

UKodi1 wizard


  • Now, you need to type this URL to add and install the Ukodi1 wizard. Most of the time people do not type the URL correctly, so please type the URL correctly.
  • After that, click OK to proceed.

UKodi1 Builds

  • You will see the ‘Enter a name for this media source’ box, so there you can keep the name ukodi or any other name and then click OK.

how to install UKodi1 wizard on kodi

You have added the source; now let’s install the Ukodi1 wizard from the source.

2. Install the Ukodi1 Wizard Add-on from the Source

  • You have to be on the Kodi home-screen and from the options on the left sidebar click Add-ons.

how to install UKodi1 Builds

  • On the top-left on the next window, you have to click the open-box or Package Installer icon.

UKodi1 Builds

  • After that, click on the Install from zip file option.

how to install UKodi1 Build on kodi

  • Now click the name you chose for the source earlier. For example, if the name of the source is ukodi, you have to choose ukodi.

download ukodi1 build

  • Now, you will see the Zip file with the name ‘’, so click on it. If you have updated the version then, the file name may change.

UKodi1 Build source zip file

  • After that, you will see Ukodi1 wizard will start to install, so wait for at least 2-3 minutes. You will get the Ukodi1 Wizard add-on installed notification saying that the addon installed.

install UKodi1 wizard

  • Again you will get the message from the developers, so if you want to see the message again in the future then, you can click Remind Me Later. Otherwise, you can click on Dismiss to close it.

how to install UKodi1 Build wizard

  • Now, another window will pop up containing some of the lists of settings. So if you want to change any of the listed settings then, you can do it. If not then, leave it as it is and click Continue.

UKodi1 Build installation guide

  • Again another window will appear that asks you would like to see the Build Menu, you can click on the build menu or click on Ignore.

how to install UKodi1 Build

You have successfully installed the Ukodi1 wizard.

3. Install Ukodi1 Builds Using the Ukodi1 Wizard

  • First, go to Kodi home-screen and click on Add-ons and then select Program Add-ons.
  • After that, you will see the Ukodi1 wizard list, so click on the wizard icon to open it.

UKodi1 Build

  • Click on the option (ukodi1)Builds to see the list of the available builds.

UKodi1 Builds menu

  • Install the ukodi1 Minatour build for Kodi Krypton. You can choose any build you like.

UKodi1 Build minatour

  • Now, select the Fresh Start or Standard Install depending upon your needs.
  • Fresh Install will erase all your existing Kodi data with add-ons and settings and restore Kodi to default.
  • Standard Install will retain some of the add-ons and certain Kodi settings.

fresh install UKodi1 Builds

  • Then click continue to confirm.

UKodi1 Build

  • After that, The ukodi1 Minatour will start to download and install.

download UKodi1 Build

  • Once it’s installed, a message will appear on the screen, click on Force Close.

force close kodi to reload UKodi1 Build

  • Go ahead and then launch Kodi once again and you will see the interface of Kodi with ‘Movies’ option.

UKodi1 Build skin

So that’s it! You have successfully installed UKodi1 Builds on Kodi.



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